5 reasons to choose wooden glasses now!

Nowadays, if you are looking for a great pair of prescription glasses, the choices are limitless. Sometimes the list can be exhausting as you only want to pick the right frame for long-term use. Apart from choosing a retailer, the next big confusing thing while choosing glasses is its material. Should you go with metal, polycarbonate, plastic or acetate. But do you know there’s a far better alternative that’ll make you instantly choose them? It’s none other than wooden glasses, these frames can be quite an experience.

Especially if you’ve already had several frames, wooden glasses can be the little change you’ve looking for. Here are 5 reasons why wooden glasses are the best glasses material out there:

1. Celebs love them

Who could better endorse wooden glasses other than Will Smith, Taylor Swift, Catherine Jones and Graham Norton himself? Yes, celebs can’t love raving about wooden glasses for their uniqueness in the ubiquitous frame market filled with injection-moulded glasses. It would be a lie that the eyewear trend isn’t due to celebrities, but this time, the wooden grams are in focus due to their genuine individuality.

These frames are present in the most laid-back and natural style that is flattering on all face shapes.

2. Highlight your style

If you look over the general eyewear market, it’s filled with brightly coloured and at the same time, dull and faded glasses. The bright or the faded shade isn’t an ideal choice when you are looking for a frame that brings out your style. On top, polycarbonate and plastic frames are known for being over-the-top and not versatile enough to be paired on both casuals and formals.

Whole wooden glasses are perfectly and naturally accentuating on your face. The natural colours easily blend in with any of your outfit choices. The major perks of wearing wooden glasses are that they accentuate your style by drawing people attention towards you, rather than away. It gives a natural, subtle and sober look that’s authentic, original and works like magic on all of your wardrobe choices. Whether you want classic square, rectangle or round glasses, wooden frames are available in all.

3. The best eco-friendly alternative

It’s high time, we shift to an environmentally- friendly accessory, rather than moving on with the same injection-moulded frames. Wooden glasses are a big step towards environmentally-conscious fashion. Sure, there’s no harm in opting for eyeglasses made out of waste plastic or plant-based oils. But, their production uses a large amount of energy and their by-products are also increasingly harmful for our health and environment. Wooden frames, when compared use less energy and are easily disposable.

4. You can customise your frames

Wooden glasses aren’t just environmentally beneficial but also very aesthetical and artsy. If you love to add a particular feature on your new glasses to make them more personalised, then wooden glasses are here for it. You can easily get the bare frame, made out of plain wood and decorate them the way you’d want in any shade of your choice.

Paint your new glasses with natural dyes and oils or add a lot of stick-on crystals or beads on them. The choice is completely yours. Make them artsy, personalised and shiny. Wooden glasses are open to your custom style and preference in terms of colour, design and other elements. Warn you, it might get addicting that you’ll purchase extra pairs just to create the personalised and artistic look.

5. Available in a wide range

Wooden glasses come in a variety of types, rather than just choosing them from the colour. Like in plastic or polycarbonate glasses, the colour is the next and final step for finalising as the material in question is more or less consistent.  But in wooden glasses, there’s a different range of materials, with a distinctive look and quality.

If you want to upgrade, wooden glasses are also available in exotic, repurposed or rare woods from the fallen trees. Here are some the wide range to choose from:

Bamboo Wood – It is ringed wood that grows naturally with rings in its bark. Present in light and beautiful brown shade.

Redwood Trees- These are 100 years old trees that have fallen down and are repurposed into making modern wooden glasses. It’s a perfect type of wood for frames for those interested in earthy scent and feels.

Heartwood – It’s purple and comes from the oldest of trees that have also now fallen down.

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