6 Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger

The most popular blogging platform available is WordPress. Those using the self-hosted version have complete control over every aspect of their blog. Many who do not want to worry about purchasing a host and domain name and want an alternative should look at Blogger.World Update Reviews


I have used Blogger and continue to use Blogger to create some of my blogs. While I am also using WordPress, I like the ability to create free blogs in minutes.

If you are looking at starting a blog, here are some reasons why I still enjoy using Blogger:

It is free. You can’t beat this price, no matter how hard you look. It costs nothing to create and manage not one blog but many blogs—Google support. Google owns Blogger. When I use Blogger, my blogs get indexed quickly, and my blogs are automatically registered and verified in Google’s Webmaster tools. No need to remember to do add my blog to Webmaster tools.

Many available templates. While there are not as many templates available as WordPress, there are still thousands of different Blogger blog templates available to download and use. Built-in AdSense support. As mentioned above, since Google owns both Blogger and AdSense, it was only natural to connect the two. Blogger allows you to add AdSense ads to your blog easily. You can also manually add the code as well if you wish.

Custom domains. By default, your blog will be assigned an address similar to HTTP://[yourblogname] Instead of using the default address, you can purchase a domain name and then have your blog use that domain name. Blogger provides help on using custom domain names. Template design control. While Blogger does use its own proprietary language within the templates, you have total control of the code and HTML within the template. If you can learn the Blogger code structure, you can do some great things with your template.

These are 6 reasons why you should look at Blogger if you wish to start a Blogger blog. Within a few minutes, you can have a blog up and running with minimal effort. Paul Salmon has been involved with computers for 20 years and currently works as a technical systems analyst. He has been involved in many aspects of computers, including hardware, software development, and quality assurance. He currently maintains Technically Easy, a blog that provides information and helps with various technologies.

He is also active in managing and editing Blogger template code. His most popular Blogger post provides instructions on creating a static page in Blogger.