Apply Aobo Mac Keylogger on Family Computer

Mac security is important to Mac OS X users, especially when the whole family shares the Mac computer. To protect your family, installing an Aobo Mac keylogger in your family Macintosh is a matter of great urgency. Graet Gossip


What can you do with Aobo Mac keylogger to protect your family?

Use this keylogger Mac to protect your kids from online dangers. For example, do you suspect your kids may view the inappropriate websites? Do you worry that your kids may pick up with a bad bunch of buddies online? Do you worry that your kids may do something illegal due to the solicitation of their buddies? Now with the Aobo Mac keylogger, you will be aware of any unusual changes in your kids’ behavior and take actions to deal with them.

Use Aobo keylogger Mac to protect your marriage from cheating. For example, does your spouse visit the dating sites frequently? Do you doubt if your spouse flirts with others? Do you wonder whether your spouse gets off with the opposite sex and cheats on you? By reading the logs report of the Aobo Mac keylogger, you will know the exact truth for the first time.

Use this keylogger to protect the private information of your family. Do you have the experience that your family Mac computer is used even if all your families are away? Do you experience that the private information of your family leaks out without your notice? Now by Aobo Mac keylogger, you will know how your family Mac computer is used by people unknown, and with this clue, you are even capable of tracking who used your family computer.

Aobo keylogger Mac is so powerful that it records any keystrokes on any applications, browsers, and games. It is tested on nearly all the applications on Mac OS X, including some popular third-party applications such as Windows Live for Mac, Firefox, Facebook, AIM, Adium, World of Warcraft Mac edition, and many more. It is a necessity if you want to protect your family.

Aobo Mac Keylogger is a powerful Mac OS X keylogger with email and FTP support.

Here are the main features of the Aobo Mac keylogger:

– Stealth and undetectable Spy Monitoring
– Record keystrokes typed on any applications
– Log websites visited and chatted messages
– Record desktop screenshots in a preset interval
– Secretly send the logs to your email or FTP space
– No need for admin password to install (Standard Edition only)
– Record Passwords (Professional Edition only)