Before You Start Your Blog Think About What Type of Blogger You Are

There are thousands of bloggers online and many of them fit into only three different types of bloggers which areWorld Scoop

o Bloggers without a cause

o Hobby bloggers

o Business/consultant bloggers

Bloggers without a cause

These are people who are interested in using the internet to build an income but have no particular passion they want to blog about and/or any idea of what topic to cover.

They have an advantage over other bloggers because they do not come online with any idea of what they think will sell but have to spend time finding that out. One of the biggest mistakes people new to the web make is believing they know what people want when they get on here!

By having no real idea about what they want to do these bloggers will have to spend time researching and hunting out what products are hot in the market right now which of course all bloggers should really do anyway. Always remember that being on the internet is always about providing people with what they desperately want.

Hobby Bloggers

In this category the blogger knows that they have a hobby or a passion for a particular industry and they want to use their blog to share what they know.

Bloggers in this group still need to do a lot of research to find out more about their hobby and who are the other people online who love it too. Some of the things you need to do include:

Finding forums and networks where other people hang out online so you can get an idea of the types of questions they are asking – questions are a great way to discover what people want.

Find other bloggers already blogging about your hobby and take a look at the information they provide and how you might do it differently.

You need to figure out what affiliate products exist or whether you will want to create your own products that you then sell.

People with hobbies really can take advantage of blogs and the blogging world to reach out and profit from their blogging activity.

Business/Community/Consultant bloggers

These are bloggers with a trained skill and/or a particular expertise that they want to promote online. Many of them may run a business offline or be a solo entrepreneur running training, delivering consultancy work, or run a service related business. Even churches and charities can use a blog as a way of promoting their cause and raising money for their organization.

Like the other two categories professional bloggers and even charities must beware of starting a blog and then believing they know what their audience wants, it is always a good idea to research what it is they might want to know about or learn about and then provide them with that information.

Of course some charities and churches may just want to put a blog up so that their current supporters can be kept informed of their work and what they are doing.

Can you identify with the type of blogger you want to be? It is important you do this because in the process of finding that out you will also discover what you want to blog about and who you want to reach out too. It really does help you to begin building your blog business when you know that type of blogger you want to be.

Are you a local business? Do you know that right now thousands of local people are online searching for the local business they need. Will they find you?

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