Being A Travel Blogger Is Amazing, But It’s Not As Glamorous As It Seems

While we inform humans we’re tour bloggers, there’s a reasonably good danger they’ll query how we make money from it. we are necessarily met via a quizzical frown and the query, “So, um, what do you actually do?”

If they say nothing in any respect, that general approach they think we’re full of sh*t. They suppose we have someone purchasing us to tour, like rich mother and father, an inheritance or something else along those strains.

Either way, it isn’t enjoyable. Some human beings say, “I’m going to begin blogging.” To that, we smile and say, “You should.” But, 9 times out of 10, they received’t get beyond the blog design, mainly once they see what’s honestly concerned.
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It’s no longer easy to use anyway. Consider me: The questions get old, and we have to remind ourselves that if things have been reversed, we might be curious too. After all, it’s an unusual professional desire. But it’s additionally weirdly remarkable.

The answer is much more complicated than “We journey and writes about it.” That’s as it truely is complex to be a travel blogger. It’s now not continually about flying first class, 5-celebrity motels, unfastened meals, and tremendous Instagram pics. At least, now, not for us anyway. But, we don’t mind the questions because it’s far such a new career path that sometimes, we experience like we don’t pretty get it ourselves.

Every blogger works in a completely exclusive way. We all travel otherwise and earn our money differently. So each week is absolutely distinctive from the ultimate.

There are masses of various sorts of bloggers too. Solo female bloggers, family travel bloggers, backpacker bloggers, budget travel bloggers, luxury travel bloggers, and bloggers blogging about journey blogging: The list of niches goes on and on. If you haven’t followed us for long, we recall our area of interest, “luxury-journey.” we love to get our adrenaline pumping and live in foofy lodges.

It might look like we do little extra than write posts and take quiet pictures. But that is only a small part of it. The rest of our time is spent responding to capability advertisers, responding to manufacturers, enhancing pics, editing motion pictures, assembling promotional materials, pitching journey and tourism contacts, writing for other sites (also called guest posts), Facebook organization networking, tweaking website online layout, tracking financials, hyperlink building, doing key-word studies, reading different tour blogs and preserving our presence on social media.

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Have you ever logged onto Facebook the day of your birthday and had one-hundred-plus notifications? Welcome to our existence each day. If we log our Facebook for two hours, we come back to hundred-plus notifications.

It’s the same with all our other social media outlets and websites: Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, and Twitter, to say a few. So please don’t get us commenced on our email inbox.

Sometimes, we don’t realize we’re handiest displaying the “pretty aspect” of journeying and being a travel blogger. People assume being a journey blogger is a dream task that we’re definitely lucky to are becoming. In all honesty, that’s only because of how maximum folks make it look.

Most journey bloggers who haven’t “made it” paintings their 9-to-5s and all different hours are committed to their blogs.

Children? Own family? Downtime? What’s that?

Now, I’m no longer going to lie: most of the “backstage” stuff that happens even as we’re touring is still quite top-notch. However, what’s no longer so wonderful is the infinite difficult paintings, disappointments, struggles, and barriers we’ve long passed through (and nevertheless are going via), to be journey bloggers.

Not anything turned into passed to us. We didn’t publish a resume and got hired. Instead, we needed to create our very own unconventional career path, regardless of the not-s0-glamorous side that comes alongside it. Even though we’re number 87 at the listing of the top 1,000 journey bloggers within the globe, we never sense like we’ve “made it.”

Our parents nonetheless examine the newspaper. They don’t trust the net, and they suppose journey is still reserved for the 1 percent. So strive to explain journey blogging, not to mention press trips.

Even though we spend nicely over forty hours in keeping with the week pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into this blog and our freelance paintings, it doesn’t usually experience paintings. We don’t sense like our brains are leaking out of our ears as we take a seat in a cubicle, finishing monotonous duties time and again. There’s no boss to reply to or workplace drama to fear about.

We are the bosses, and it feels wonderful. However, sometimes, we pass over that bi-weekly direct deposit that incorporates having a MD.