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Black Sails Update Comes to War Tech Fighters

War Tech Fighters, the distance mecha fight recreation published by Green Man Gaming, is receiving a brand new update entitled ‘Black Sails.’

This will release on the fifth of March, 2018.

The update consists of new story missions, updates, and a sequence of worm fixes and best of lifestyles improvements. New equipment, including swords, Wartech components, and more, is also to be had within the Black Sails Update.

A new trailer displaying off the replacement can be viewed beneath:
And the entire listing of additives may be seen here:

Image result for Black Sails Update Comes to War Tech Fighters

6 New story Missions.
Five New Challenges.
Better lighting and put up-processing consequences.
Improved menu UI.
A lot of fixes and tweaks throughout all the missions, as cautioned by way of the network.
Swords passive perks now paintings even if in long variety fight.
“The FURY” Unique Set (unlocked for Early Access users).

Special tasks are hidden in the sports missions: gather them to free up unique tasks in the R&D deck.

Those who have already performed the sport’s missions can find them within the simulator.

Please observe that some Components, Swords, and Shields already present in previous versions of the sport now rely upon Special Projects like:

Unicorn Swords (already unlocked for folks who already possess them)
Forcefield Shields (already unlocked for individuals who already own them)
The Mantis Unique Set (already unlocked for Early Access users)
The Fury Unique Set (already unlocked for Early Access customers)
6 Special Projects to accumulate:

Quantum Missiles
Coils Overload
New Swords:

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Grinder (from Grinder venture)
Fury Of War
Anti-Matter Dragon
Anti-Matter Ogre
Anti-Matter Leviathan
New Shields:

Laser Forcefield (from Forcefield task)
Magnetic Forcefield (from Forcefield task)
Knight Shield EVO
Warhead additives (from Warhead challenge)

2 Arms
2 Torsos
2 Legs
New general War Tech Components:

Image result for Black Sails Update Comes to War Tech Fighters

6 new Heads
2 new Arms
6 new Legs
New Research Projects:

Anti-Matter Technology
Neutrinos Shower
War-Tech Fighters is available from the Green Man Gaming Store right now.

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