Blogger or WordPress – Which One to Choose?

Blogger or WordPress is an ongoing dilemma as to which is better for bloggers starting. Both are powerful applications, and both are free, but there are subtle differences which one must be made aware of.


Blogger is a Google application and is an easy entry point for most aspiring bloggers to start this Blogger or WordPress comparison. Blogger is found at The layout and design of the blogs created by Blogger are simple and easy to grasp. Several modules can be placed at will in the design stage and allow added functionality to your blog. The drag and place method used in Blogger is comfortable to work with. Moreover, the fact that Blogger is owned by Google means indexing and spreading your blog is easily accomplished. In brief, Blogger allows would-be bloggers to get past the design stage quickly and concentrate on what is most important, i.e., creating content.

However, Blogger has its limitations. The way to go about creating a blog can feel like being too rigid. A module can only be placed in certain places on your blog. Plugins don’t exist, so certain added functionality and flexibility could be seen as lacking.

On the other hand, WordPress comes in two forms: the publishing software hosted on their site and the downloadable software hosted on your site. The former is found at and, just like Blogger, is hosted for free on WordPress. It allows you to set up a blog without the need for web hosting. Again, as in the case of Blogger, there are certain limitations because the design and layout of your blog have to conform to the pre-designed layout. However, many seasoned bloggers will agree that there is more flexibility when using WordPress than Blogger.

To conclude this Blogger or WordPress comparison, I must mention the self-hosted software provided by WordPress. The self-hosted software is, in my opinion, where WordPress excels. The software is free, is regularly updated but requires that you have web hosting. The software is obtainable from and boasts of having thousands of themes to suit your style. Themes are coded software that gives the graphical appearance of your blog. There are also countless plugins to increase the functionality and customization of your blog. In fact, there are so many plugins and themes that you are really spoilt for choice. Please be advised that some themes and plugins are classified as premium, which means they have to be bought. However, there are many others that are free and still work perfectly.