Blogger stocks her first impressions of recent Zealand stuff country

We arrived at Wellington global Airport on April, eleventh 2016. A huge milestone. We might sooner or later arrive. All the tension, all the waiting, tears, and pressure had brought about this: our new home.

In the black of the middle of the night, a pricey friend had employed a trailer for our tons of bags and pushed the hour-lengthy pressure to gather us from the airport. The pressure to our newly rented home at the Kapiti Coast turned surreal. I understand I will never overlook the sensation of understanding that we were now not merely coming on vacation. This changed into no brief association. This became domestic.

Loren Holtzhausen and her family moved to New Zealand in April.

First, permit’s get critical approximately a new and unusual subject we have. Earthquakes – they’re something we’ve got by no means earlier than needed to be concerned about. On our first actual morning in Wellington, we awakened to the mild but startling rumbling of a 5.7 significance quake, which had befallen 100km from wherein we stay. This was New Zealand saying “hello”.several each-day marvels nevertheless awaited us, matters nobody advised us about living in New Zealand, new reports like “self-provider check out”: it is like drive-through buying that even the children can do. What a way to keep away from queues! Sweet As!

Quality surprises in the shape of interactive, sensory children’s play parks wait for us in abundance. Each one is specific, well maintained, easy, secure, and free! On numerous activities we’ve seen now not handiest the kids however additionally their parents, sneaking a swing on the monkey bars or a brief zip down the flying fox.

Our local favorite, the Raumati splash pad, has taken care of every child’s play park want – and – if you’re in for a piece of power, Levin journey Park is a whole day treat for the entire family.

On a terrific sunny day, smear at the sunblock exceptional and thick (because this NZ solar is not anything to laugh at), throw for your “jandals,” grasp your “togs,” and head off to the seaside. The black volcanic sand and an easily accessible piece of driftwood make for a fantastic circle of relatives game of massive tic-tac-toe).

Now, who says that the infinite, wonderful summer days in Wellington won’t blow you away? No person…because we’ve got also come to remember that the notorious Wellington wind is certainly no delusion. Whilst a person is launched from their bicycle seat, nearly plunging into the bloodless harbor waves, it is not in the least bit humorous. Adequate?

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And sure, it rains sideways. Being woken numerous instances in a nighttime due to the slamming of irritated rain in opposition to your sliding glass door is unpleasant, to mention the least.
In New Zealand we have been able to bring back simplicity to our lives.
But it can not be all horrific, can it? With the number of kids scootering to school every day, I would be hard-pressed to consider that this stuff is not one of New Zealand’s top-selling products. We stare in amazement at how such a lot of kids are mobilized, empowered even, scurrying alongside busy roads to discover their manner to high school and lower back appropriately every day.

This rings a bell in my memory of another exciting revel in for us – and that is our new allowance for a terrific wholesome breakfast before school begins at nine.00 am (a huge change from 7.35 am in our native u . s .).

As a part of that breakfast, we have time to enjoy one of the latest Zealand’s best-stored secrets. This is Puhoi Valley Greek fashion Yoghurt. (if you have now not but been to the Puhoi Valley, take that drive just 30 minutes north of Auckland city. You may not be sorry).

Let’s not forget to say the coffee! Texting your espresso order to the train station espresso stop (that happens to serve the arena’s greatest) so that it is ready on your collection when you arrive in the town? Uh, next stop: Paradise?

With all the suitable produce this country offers, our vivid garbage disposal (something we have in no way had mounted in a home before) is rarely used.

These days we embody our Kiwi manner of life. We recycle. We power 50km. We put on “running shoes” and take them off while getting into our or anyone else’s home. We depart vintage worries in the back of us for new ones: like wearing matching hollow-loose socks and making sure our toes are properly manicured.

Being brave sufficient to take this massive leap toward what I will best discuss with as a gift, a present that they’ll have the liberty to write down their very own records that they so much deserve.