JOHANNESBURG – The North West fitness and social improvement portfolio committee in the legislature has laid prices in opposition to Premier Supra Mahumapelo, the finance MEC and fitness HOD, following allegations of corruption and mismanagement of public funds.

The portfolio committee says it has located proof that the three senior government officials are implicated in dodgy dealings, linking to the controversial Gupta family.

It appears the North West government’s woes keep following the fraud and corruption case opened in opposition to its provincial head.

Health and social development portfolio committee head Madoda Samabatha says expenses against Mahumapelo and the finance MEC relate to a string of anomalies in the Health Department.


“All these things I’m telling you have not been secured properly. So we no longer have trouble with fitness being privatized at that level. However, the worst element is some of these privatizations aren’t proper.”

He says health HOD Thabo Lekalakala implicated himself in a Gupta-connected gentle before the legislature lately.

“The HOD then confessed to taking that money, about R30 million, in advance.”

The Hawks raided Mahumapelo’s places of work this week. They looked for files relating to a multimillion-rand IT settlement with Nepo Data Dynamics, reduced in size to align all authorities IT structures within the province.

Assault and battery are categorized as crimes against someone and are frequently prosecuted aggressively, even for juvenile offenders. Minors who commit assault or battery or who have already got a criminal record are statistically more likely to commit those crimes within the destiny. Therefore the court docket regularly pursues aggressive remedial packages for juvenile offenders to deter them from committing these styles of crimes later in existence. So if you’ve got been accused of attack or battery as a minor, it could be in your quality interest to visit a crook defense attorney to start making ready your defense.

What is Assault?

Assault is assessed as a violent crime and attempts to inflict bodily damage upon another individual. Additionally, if an offender threatens every other character with violence, and the sufferer believes that she or he might be seriously injured, the culprit can be charged with the attack. It isn’t always necessary for someone to physically hit another to be arrested for the attack.

What is Battery?


Unlike assault, the law requires that the offender make bodily contact with the victim to be charged with battery. However, the touch does no longer needs to be violent to be taken into consideration battery. Any unlawful bodily contact made with some other man or woman without his or her consent can lead to a battery arrest. A battery can also include grabbing, hitting, touching the victim, or some other unwanted physical touch.


A juvenile assault or battery conviction may additionally convey intense penalties, even for a first offense. The crime can vary from a misdemeanor offense to a felony offense, relying on the information of the act. Some of the consequences that may be issued upon conviction include:

Time in a juvenile detention facility or prison
Probation, probable including residence arrest
Heavy Fines
Community service hours
Enrollment in a treatment software and/or counseling
In addition, a juvenile convicted of any crime could have the burden of a crook document. Having a criminal record could make it difficult for a minor to be common to an educational organization, follow for scholarships, find a job, or secure a loan, even years after a conviction. If you’re a minor and you have been charged with attack or battery, or if your child is dealing with one or extra criminal fees, don’t forget to speak with a juvenile defense attorney about your case.

Shoplifting is one of the most common theft crimes in America. Approximately $10 million people are arrested for shoplifting each yr. The majority of these thefts are small. Theft of products under $two hundred is the maximum commonplace form of shoplifting. People who get caught taking products from stores may be dealing with legal consequences that encompass prison time and fines.

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Even if consequences consist of not anything greater than an excellent or community service, a person’s reputation may be damaged by using the event. A crook report can affect someone’s potential to get a task or substantially harm someone’s popularity. Luckily, for those who’ve been charged with shoplifting, it may be feasible to have fees reduced or thrown out altogether. Here are a few common approaches that legal professionals guard their clients towards shoplifting charges:

Prove a loss of intent – Many people will benefit by accident take products. However, in many states, a person can be forgiven if it’s far demonstrated that the theft turned into a mistake.
No preceding report – A punishment may be much less intense if someone has no prior convictions or expenses.
Unlawful arrest – Many laws dictate that retail stores have to wait until they attempt to go away the idea before they are arrested. Officers also are required to examine Miranda rights if they need to question a sufferer and handiest use force if essential. If they violate these legal guidelines, a person can be able to overturn fees.


With file-breaking unemployment across us of a, there needs to be no wonder that there is additionally a reported quantity of unemployment fraud instances. After handling many unemployment fraud instances during the last years, I actually have seen some not unusual styles. Thus, I hope this article allows humans accused of or charged with unemployment fraud simply as I even have helped lots of my personal clients.

The real crime of unemployment fraud is, instead, simple. It usually involves a person claiming unemployment blessings whilst they’re genuinely hired. In some instances, the individual claims they may be no longer operating at all to acquire maximum benefits. In other instances, the man or woman claims that they may be working much fewer hours than they truly are, again, to gain greater benefits than they otherwise would be able to.