Cinderella story: Wings Gaming

The slipper changed into an excellent suit in Manila.

Wings Gaming finished its run via defeating group Liquid inside the ESL One Manila 2016 in a dominating 3-zero sweep that few saw coming. The team came into the match without a good deal of fanfare: a Chinese language crew that looked to prove its really worth at the huge degree — an acquainted tale.

however, Wings Gaming drafted particular lineups, performed aggressively, and positioned up a brick wall for defense. The crew innovated patterns around positive heroes, including Invoker, Keeper of the mild, and Bounty Hunter, continuously difficult combatants that could not plan towards it.


There can be critics and counterfactors to Wings Gaming’s accomplishment. However, the truth is, the crew is a major winner and proved it belonged.

Crew Liquid plowed its way into the grand finals with a resounding set in opposition to crew Empire. The game plan flowed flawlessly — Adrian “Fata-” Trinks and Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen have been the undisputed kings of farm and net value — the aid rotation ruled the early and mid sport. Team Liquid beat group Empire and played its style and pace regardless of what form of resistance was offered. all games ended before 38 minutes and, as a result, regarded lopsided.

On the alternative aspect of the bracket, Wings Gaming recovered from a crushing game 1 defeat by way of Fnatic and took the set with superior drafting and execution. The crew performed smart and pressured Djardel “DJ” Jacko Mampusti and Wai “internet” Pern Lim to play the position of the delivery with all the rotation attention devoted to Yeik “Miduan” Zheng Nai.

Wings Gaming changed into an enigma. It drafted comfort selections (Bounty Hunter and Witch physician), and Chu “Shadow” Zeyu and Zhou “bLink” Yang played magnificently. Fnatic seemed lost at some point of the set after recreation 1.

The perennial underdog of the match checked off everything from a picture-best Cinderella tale: pocket picks (Treant Protector and Keeper of the light), unpredictability in drafting and fashion of play, and a never-say-die mindset.

Wings Gaming killed off giant after giant with snowball victories and close defeats — it was the fine crew over the whole area. The rematch against group Liquid proved that its close-set turned into hardly a fluke. Wings Gaming showcased superior mobility and bullied the crew Liquid stars into uncomfortable scattered fights or defenses over goals.

With the resource of higher grouping, pocket picks, and the stellar play of each of its middle players, the grand final confirmed exceptional effects than its first matchup against crew Liquid.

The big-name players that wanted a spotlight have been bLink and his Invoker and Li “license” Peng’s notable rotations. Each performed fantastically, whether it was alone pick out-off, exchange from Peng’s Earthshaker, or bLink’s ridiculous disruption in crew fights and initiation. They were a regular thorn in crew Liquid’s aspect.

Wings Gaming drafted exclusive lineups and setups to supplement Invoker’s versatility and prioritized a hero focused on vision. But the bottom line changed into easy, and it turned into a common subject throughout the tournament: Wings Gaming could not be countered or found out.
Continually the bridesmaid, group Liquid had any other incredible displaying in a chief tournament, however every other second-place finish. Team Liquid played championship-stage Dota 2 until Wings Gaming delivered the whole thing to an abrupt halt. A 3-zero sweep inside the finals and not anything more than ‘what ifs?’ for the favorites of the very last 4 groups.

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Group Liquid changed into high-quality in Manila, however, it could not maintain up with the pace and rotational aid that Wings Gaming created; in preference to forcing the opponent to run its velocity, it turned into the alternative effect.

At some point, Matumbaman and Fata- ran roughshod on combatants in overwhelming farm numbers and kill participation. The crew changed into a finely tuned engine with speedy rotations within the early recreation, crisp decision-making in phrases of objectives and while to push, and group combat execution.

It just failed to paintings in the finals.

For team Liquid enthusiasts, this turned into a speed bump. The consistency the crew delivered turned into not anything short of top-notch and group Liquid have to remain as a top 3 crew in Dota 2.