Which Lasers are Right for Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice?

As 2021 is fast approaching, you might want to delve into cosmetic surgery practice as it is profitable, and the demand has never been higher. Everyone wants to get that laser treatment from celebrities and media personalities that will leave them looking younger and more appealing to their fans. It is important to note that clients will only stream your way if you make a safer environment fitted with the latest lasers. That is why we recommend dealing with reputable suppliers like Sentient Lasers for certification and shipping when acquiring your lasers. You would also want a supplier who gives you additional training and installation since technology is ever-evolving.

Cosmetic Surgery

It is also important to note that before purchase, there are various factors that you should consider, including patient needs, finances, different manufacturers, and your area of specialization. Depending on what you choose to go with, here are the top lasers for your cosmetic surgery practice:

Vascular lesions involve prevalent conditions underneath the skin, such as birthmarks. They are mostly naturally occurring abnormalities of the skin and may manifest in three main ways: Pyogenic Granulomas, Hemangiomas, and Vascular Malformations. The common type of laser used for this treatment is the pulse dye lasers, originally introduced in 1989.

  • Tattoo removal lasers

Tattoo removal is the most after-sort laser treatment in the cosmetic industry. Lasers work by shining thermal energy to the tattooed part, which breaks the ink into sub-particles that are absorbable by the body. Tattoos are best removed with lasers that have almost near properties to those used for vascular lesion treatments. However, the main type of laser used here is the QS alexandrite laser. This type of laser is ideal for patients with dark blue or dark-colored inked tattoos. Multicolored tattoos may attract other removal methods such as surgery.

  • Hair transplant removal lasers

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent hair removal, lasers make the best choice compared to the conventional electrolysis and waxing methods. Many reasons may prompt anyone to have their hair removed, including grooming or hirsutism treatment. Notable types of lasers that can be used to complete these procedures without damaging the melanin around hair follicles include the ruby lasers, Alexandrite lasers, and diode lasers, thanks to their deep penetration.

  • Treatment of scars

Lastly, you might also want to consider the right laser for the treatment of scars. Most patients who need scar treatment include road accident victims, fire victims, and even individuals with unpleasant or rather too visible birthmarks. In that case, a carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) or erbium laser sounds like a good option for depressed scars. Other areas that these lasers will treat perfectly include developing acne. Relatively light scars will attract a pulsed dye laser’s services, which isn’t different from intralesional steroid injections.

The above types of lasers give you a heads up on what you need to start an all-rounded cosmetic clinic. The only precaution that you’ll need to take now is buying lasers that reflect your money’s true value.