Ethiopia arrests critical blogger Seyoum Teshome

Nairobi, March nine, 2018–Ethiopian government must straight away release Seyoum Teshome, who publishes the Ethiothinktank weblog, the Committee to Protect Journalists said nowadays. Security forces the day gone by arrested Seyoum at his home close to the Woliso campus of Ambo University, where he lectures, according to witnesses who spoke with Voice of America and Deutsche Welle. The reason for his arrest and his whereabouts aren’t recognized, in line with reports and an assertion via the Swiss-based totally Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia.

Seyoum has been important in his weblog of a six-month state of emergency Ethiopia declared in February. Under the nation of emergency, authorities can perform arrests and searches without a warrant and near down media stations, in step with a document employing the nation-owned Ethiopian News Agency.

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“Ethiopia can’t again use the cloak of a countrywide emergency to spherical up reporters and stifle essential voices,” stated CPJ Deputy Executive Director Robert Mahoney. “This is the second time that authorities neglected due method to detain Seyoum Teshome. He should be launched straight away and unconditionally.”

Seyoum changed into arrested in October 2016, days earlier than a preceding country of emergency become declared, in line with CPJ research.

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