Fix a Slow Running Computer – Tips

So you may be trying to fix a slow-running computer; well, many people are struggling with the same issue. It’s the same old story; you buy a new computer, a few months go by, and then it seems like overnight the computer decides to take its dear old time to load up any program. This is a very frustrating thing, but there are solutions, and trying to fix a slow-running computer doesn’t require a degree in computer science.


To fix a slow-running computer, you just need a little know-how and patience. However, there are some basic things you can do to speed up your pc dramatically. Here are some to help you get on your way to a much quicker stress-free computing experience.

First, consistently delete your temporary internet files. These internet files can add up very fast as you surf the web, and too many of these files can slow down your computer’s performance. You can delete these files easily through Disk Cleanup.

Secondly, to fix a slow running computer, remove unnecessary start-up programs. These programs come up every time you start your computer, wasting valuable time waiting for Windows to load completely. This process can take 5 to 15 minutes! But if you turn off a few unnecessary programs when the computer boots up, the time it takes for Windows to load can reduce drastically.

Something you can do to help with computer speed issues is to check and correct any disk errors. Through everyday computer use, errors on your hard disk can accumulate, negatively affecting your computer’s performance. Just go to my computer and right-click on the C drive. Then click on choose properties and then tools. Then click on the “check now” button to start the process. This dramatically improves performance.

These are just some tips that can help you fix a slow-running computer.

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