From a Blogger to a Woman Entrepreneur from Assam

Aleksei Bharali, called Nicole to her pals and fraternity, was born and taken up in Guwahati. After six years of white-collar jobs, she determined to stop and start following her passion. She has usually been an artist lower back in Assam. She loves touring and theatre and has also accomplished on the stage. But, after four years of conflict and hard paintings, she has come to be an entrepreneur. She founded NAVigenes-a YouTube Media Channel, Do Musafir- a women-centric YouTube tour Channel, which turned into released in Guwahati recently, and TLCF NICOLE-her personal logo, which includes travel, the way of life, style, and cuisines. She has been shuttling between Delhi and Goa currently.

She has found out the profound significance of social media to run an enterprise and marketplace her paintings. Navigenics has around 15,000 fans on the Facebook web page; Do Musafir has around 8500 fans on Instagram, and her personal logo TLCF NICOLE has around sixteen 000 followers on Instagram. Therefore, a maximum of notice has been performed on those structures. Being in creativity and travel, she feels the maximum necessity to have an outstanding social media presence.

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A Challenging Journey

Nicole said that the foremost difficult task is to understand what one desires to do and whether we are organized to take the hazard. We have to ask ourselves whether we’re geared up to think of something beyond ordinary salaried jobs. There is a need to apprehend yourself, your energy and weakness, and self-encourage.

She said, “I went through a majority of these troubles. It took me ages to eventually get a solution. I changed into prepared to take the threat. I tried my fingers on plenty of things. Changed cities. I invested all my savings to open a boutique in Goa as I became interested in fashion garments, which didn’t work that nicely. I tried few BD jobs but changed into not to my liking. I turned into unemployed for a yr. I even did part-time jobs so that I can meet my daily wishes. There had been days after I turned into now not certain if I will be able to arrange meals subsequent day. I lived in homes half of damage to reduce down on my costs regardless of having my personal room when you consider that my childhood and a respectable flat whilst running in Delhi. Had to trade 2 to a few buses to reach my workplace while I turned into getting AC cab centers from side to side for my work”.

She, in addition, narrated that, “I remember as soon as I turned into so concerned approximately arranging meals for the following day as I had handiest 10 rupees left with me. But I didn’t stop. Miraculously, a decent amount was deposited in my account, which occurred to be the PF of my earlier corporation. My father regularly sent me a couple of dollars from his pension as he felt I needed it (I didn’t tell him what state of affairs I became in). I used to get around 2000-3000 rupees as my birthday gift from him, which I spent treating myself to a great meal. I usually broke down. I cried alone many nights and changed into stressed about my decision. How can I neglect the questions and speculations of society? This is the maximum hard element to tackle. Two years after marriage, I determined to give up my task and determined to try my luck in other cities. It changed into again specific warfare altogether”.

Any Life-changing second?

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Nicole lost her mom while she became 9. Since then, it has grown to be gaining knowledge of experience each day. She grew up with her father and an elder brother. It becomes hard for her to understand and overcome the mental and biological adjustments without a mom or a sister. She had no longer deliberate on quitting her nicely-paying jobs. But it occurred impromptu and impulsive. It modified her for all time. Because she has been enthusiastic about travel and lifestyle, she, in a while, decided to start running a blog and got the task pride. Her fellow blogger and neighbor, ‘Aditi Malhotra’ shared commonplace hobbies and got steerage. That’s from there, a blogger turned into an entrepreneur and now owns 3 corporations.

Nicole’s works

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Musafir: A travel organization, a joint assignment using Nicole and her buddy and associate Aditi. Two humans with diverse backgrounds and strengths but one goal make a distinction between the contemporary travel and tourism industry. Nicole said, “Within our diverse backgrounds, the tour has performed an extended position in being a part of our respective careers and formed us as individuals. Exploring the unbeaten paths, experiencing regional culinary delights, assembly the locals, indulging in numerous cultures and traditions has been something that continually sets our pulse racing. A mere risk to travel, and we’re continually prepared for the possibility. Having traveled the period and breadth of the united states of America, from chic city towns to deep rural villages at the side of some footprints on the world map, we now want to take up travel no longer simply as an ardor however additionally translate our ardor to rest of the world”.

Do Musafir is developing with net series, covering the entirety from packing necessities to stay and lodging alternatives, food, buying, and sightseeing other than some particular and personalized reviews. In the primary season, it will cover no less than 5-6domestic and three-4 worldwide locations. Nicole and Aditi might be looking for collaborations from relevant manufacturers, hotels, tourism boards, and different associates to associate with them.

Navigenics – It is a media advertising and marketing business enterprise that has been in operations on the grounds of June 2017. Navigenics has already made its presence felt throughout structures and with numerous manufacturers. In addition, the corporation has successfully executed a chef-based recipe video collection which has met with an amazing reaction.

TLCFNicole – This is her private logo. She blogs about tours and lifestyles. Active in almost all social media platforms alongside a YouTube channel. She blogs and collaborates with extraordinary brands to promote them on social media.

Note for the aspiring entrepreneur.

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Giving a motivational recommendation, Nicole stated, “I would like to say to all the women and women accessible…. Don’t wander away inside the materialism of the world, and, as a substitute, find your inner talents and move toward your goals. Have stable planning and preserve your self-influenced in the course of. You might also face defeating a variety of instances but by no means ever give up. Don’t get disorientate in thinking about the quit outcomes as a substitute. Enjoy the journey at some point. Start taking pleasure in small achievements and get extra organized for that remaining aim. I am on the equal journey, and I love each bit of it”.