Evaluation: Asus Republic of gamers GT51 gaming laptop

Asus revealed the evil-looking GT51 desktop at CES 2016 to scores of wow across the world. A beast of a machine, designed to take down the likes of Alienware for correct. Game enthusiasts in India went approximately their paintings, like the whole thing else precise in gaming, the GT51 become by no means going to make it to our shores until Asus found out that its miles will be sold here, just in time for the brand new Doom.


Layout and build nice.

The appearance of this system is spectacular—a huge cupboard with angles like that of a Lamborghini. What moves approximately the machine is the two slits which might be like irritated eyes that glow purple. At the bottom of its miles a turbine-like outlet, which looks as if a jet engine, or something straight out of Iron guy’s suit, can display eight million colorings. We half of expected this to move while we switched it on, like a fan. Except it did not. Properly, it seems high-quality, however.

The construct fine, in all fairness, appropriate; what was disappointing is that the cabinet is made from molded plastic. After a chunk of time spent with the cupboard and closer exam, even the turbine felt like plastic on a youngsters toy. I know it is asking for a lot; however, it might be cool for a laptop this high priced if it became in steel. At least parts of it. Although, Asus needed to preserve the weight down. We should barely carry this.

Other than the front sparkling parts, what was neat become the pinnacle panel had this very cool Byzantine-like grille paintings, which appeared absolutely tricky. The left aspect panel had a window, which you could peek into its irritated innards. Which also glowed pink. The GT51 isn’t a cupboard to cover. This is one you maintain right up there on your mantelpiece, even though more than once, the eyes of the one in the darkish freaked us out.

In the field, there’s a gaming keyboard and mouse bundled, but both were yawned-worthy. A mechanical keyboard possibly or a better mouse from Asus’s awesome gaming lineup. Perhaps the first-rate ROG Claymore, which launched with this device. That aside, the fun component is this computer comes with it is very own wearable. Yes, a wrist band that helps you to be Tony Stark on your GT51. Extra on this under.

Ports and Connectors
The top homes 3 USB three. Zero ports and one USB C port. That is accessible if you have devices that use this. There is additionally a mic and headphone jack out front. The back IO panel has several USB three. Zero ports and USB 2.0 for peripherals. The two graphic cards had several DisplayPorts and HDMI, so that you may want to join more than one presentation for surround gaming.


The GT51 is powered via a sixth-generation Intel Core i7-6700X, which is an eight-core Skylake processor. The GPUs are two Titan X’s in an SLI. This means that they may be related to work together in tandem thru a bridge for double electricity. Enough to run 4k throughout three video display units. For RAM, there is an insane 64GB of DDR 4. For the garage, there are a couple of SSD’s, plus some hidden things. Powering all of it is the Asus Maximus VIII motherboard.

Now with the new Nvidia 1080 cards revealed to be manner faster than the Titan X’s at 1/2 the charge of 1 Titan X, Asus will optimistically choose to change out the Titan X’s for Nvidia’s new Pascal photograph structure playing cards.

Performance and Overclocking

regardless of what we threw at this gaming juggernaut, the GT51 ran perfectly. From Witcher 3 to Tom Clancy’s: The department maxed out at 4k; the usage of Nvidia’s Dynamic remarkable Resolutions yielded a buttery 60 frames in line with second, without any trace of stutter. One Titan X is extra than enough to run the whole thing at 60fps; add in one greater, and you’ve gross photograph overkill. With specifications that the GT51 sports, there may be no recreation accessible which could well push it to the restriction. There is no doubt that this computing device will last for some years. Not to say you could change out the picture playing cards for brand new ones later within the cycle.
However, there was no liquid cooling, however searching on the airflow, the turbine in the front does indeed suck in air and expels out the pinnacle and again at the side of the warmth. The computer did get a bit heated; however, nothing to be worried approximately. Even after overclocking, the gadget kept its cool. However, it additionally might be that the games did not tax the system an excessive amount.

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Now that we got the performance out of the way allow’s speak approximately that mysterious wearable. Locked deep inside the evil GT51, Asus has built-in a Shadow pressure. A storage partition can best be accessed via wearing the wearable, which has an NFC chip. All you want to do is touch it to the attention within the front. Now what this also does is start up the overclocking. With the wearable, the device puts the pedal to the steel. This became a neat gimmick; however, after the preliminary excitement wore off, the wearable became at the tray on top of the cupboard. However, the wearable at work drew quite a few eyes.


The Asus Republic of gamers GT51 Gaming gadget is bristling with the modern-day gaming tech and hardware all wrapped up in an impressive outdoors. All of this does not come cheap, costing around Rs.3,25,900, you can get a small vehicle as it is the charge. Plastics and the bundled add-ons might have been higher at this charge. The wearable is nifty, though.

The bottom line is, thatthe GT51 is for folks twhoneed a blazing rapid gaming system out of the container, with our wading through all those specs and coping with assemblers. Those who have the buying electricity need their gaming system and performance to match their Lamborghini.