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How to Help Your Daughter to Plan a Gorgeous Spring Wedding

Many elements can add more beauty and charm to a spring wedding. If your daughter is dreaming of a spring wedding affair, you can help her planning the same. She has chosen the best time of the year to get married in, plan it out so well that it becomes a lifetime experience for everyone!

Apart from selecting dresses for the bride and mother of the bride dresses, many beautiful things can be planned for the big day.

How to Help Your Daughter to Plan a Gorgeous Spring Wedding 1

1. Venue:

Selecting a venue for the party is the foremost thing that should be planned. Generally, people prefer outdoor venues for a spring-summer wedding as that goes perfectly with the season. Nature itself does the hard work of adding colors and decorations to the outdoor venue. You can select beautiful gardens for the day, help your daughter in exploring some exquisite gardens which show the beauty of the flowers. You can also go to wedding venues that have a garden attached.

Floral mother of the bride dresses in daytime light looks perfect in outdoor venues. Opt for floral dresses for the bride also to blend with the blossomed flowers.

2. Choosing Flowers:

You get the opportunity to select beautiful flowers that the season has to offer you. There are many seasonal flowers like peonies, tulips, and lilies, which you can add to the decorations at the party. You will get all these flowers in abundance; choose your florist and plan what type of flowers will go well with the theme and dress of the bride.

Choose some bright-colored flowers like deep red roses to add a pop of color to your photographs. Colorful flowers enhance the beauty of photographs when clicked rightly.

3. Table Decor:

Pick some exquisite flower centerpieces or crockery for the tables. The advantage of having a spring wedding is that every color pops out brilliantly in this season. Go for some shopping and help your daughter select the vintage crockery or little flower pieces to keep on the table—the shades of pink, purple, and yellow look stunning as table centerpieces. You can choose transparent glasses and add white tulips to them- a minimalistic combination.

Help your daughter choose those pieces that go with the color theme of the short mother of the bride dresses and the bride’s dress.

4. Floral Dresses:

There is no doubt that floral dresses become an ideal choice for spring and beach weddings. As blossomed flowers characterize the spring season, dresses that have flower detailing in them work the best. Help her choose a mesmerizing floor-length mermaid gown with flowers all over it while choosing the flower dress for yourself. All the bridesmaid dresses should also have some hint of flowers to them. Short mother of the bride dresses in dark shades can also opt.


So now you know everything you need to help your daughter with. These tips will certainly help you in planning a wedding that everyone will love. Do not forget to purchase some gorgeous mother of the bride dresses for yourself between all the planning. But remember, never force your thoughts on your daughter as it may lead to conflicts. No one likes that, right?