Life Satisfaction – Achieve The Life You Want With 10 Simple Steps

Is it possible to truly achieve life satisfaction? Can I ever hope to get satisfaction with life?

Life Satisfaction - Achieve The Life You Want With 10 Simple Steps 1

Will my quality of life ever improve?

It is actually very possible for you to achieve true happiness and life satisfaction. So let me share with you the 10 amazing ways to Achieve Happiness and Life Satisfaction.

Now, if you desire to get satisfaction in life, then please proceed!

Life Satisfaction- Defined

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The phrase life satisfaction is pretty subjective. It is differentiated from happiness which is a high, positive feeling perceived by an individual at a certain timeframe.

Life satisfaction is a perception that an individual feels about the entirety of life. It is the sum of all the experiences that you have in the long term.

It seems complicated, right? But life satisfaction can actually be analyzed with a very simple query: “Are you satisfied with your life right now?”

If you answered in the negative, then you can change the question to: “How can I increase my life satisfaction?”

Let me share with you some simple tips on how best to answer this question.

The first point that I would wish to share with you is simple but effective:

Think Positive

You might consider this as a cliché, but in reality, negative thoughts and attitudes limit our life satisfaction.

,Think truly, think positive, and all the great results will just come your way.

The power of thinking and being positive is deeply rooted in scientific facts. Many notable types of research have shown that positive thoughts have actually increased the level of life satisfaction.

This was and can be achieved by thinking daily positive thoughts.

The studies further supported that just by simply feeling positive emotions, negativity drastically decreases negative emotions.

This negativity is pretty common with many of us today, and psychological research has shown that the best method to overcome this is to live in the now basically.

You have to cease that limiting comparison of yourself and your achievements with others.

You have to focus on yourself and your abilities.

The second point that I would wish to share with you is this:

Get a Hobby

A hobby is something that you love to do. It is an activity that you do outside of work that makes you happy and gives you many positive emotions.

So what are you waiting for? Go fishing! Get an RC- a remote-controlled airplane or a car.

– When you do so, you get more personal fulfillment- more life satisfaction.

If you may have difficulty in getting a hobby, keep an open mind. You can do many activities- most are inexpensive – are wonderful stress relievers, and you can even do this with friends.

A third point that I would like to share for better life satisfaction is:

Change Jobs

What is work for most of us?

For us, work occupies a large portion of your time and your life.

Your job- your career gives you social standing and identity. It is actually what most people use to identify who you are.

Now you must realize by now that job satisfaction levels relate directly to life satisfaction levels.

So if you hate your job, then it should be high time to think about getting a new job.

The best way to overcome this is not by just quitting – do your research first!

You have to ensure that you have another job to go to. Set goals and look at alternative careers. Maybe you need to blow off some steam or look for part-time work?

A fourth point that I would wish to share is:

Establish and Achieve Goals.

Realistic goal setting based on your strengths and weakness is the best strategy adopted by successful individuals who have a very high level of life satisfaction.

Social scientists recommend you set yourself individual goals, including financial, fitness, and relationship goals.

This will give you a clear picture for visualizing and working for your goals and dreams. Realizing them will be an epic adventure and will augment your quality of life.

The best way to go about achieving your goals is to be goal and results-oriented. Then, prioritize these goals and classify them according to the timeframe. (short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

End your single life!

You confirmed bachelors and bachelorettes out there-you can more life satisfaction with married life.

Social scientists have done a ton of research on this, and they have proved that married men and women have a higher life satisfaction level when compared to their single peers.

The prestigious 2006 World Values Survey of 26 OECD (Organizations for Economic Development) countries showed that married couples have a higher perceived satisfaction level when compared with single and divorced respondents.

Ok, as you may or may not know, I’m not exactly married at the moment, but…having personally gone through the various stages of marriage, divorce, single life, and now being in an incredibly loving relationship again, I have to agree with all the research- being in a happy, loving and trusting relationship whether in marriage or not does contribute hugely towards my overall happiness and life satisfaction.

So, if you’re single at the moment and life isn’t necessarily a bundle of joys, get out there and look for Mr or Ms’ right. He or she is definitely out there.

Raise a Family

This is the next logical step after marriage. Having kids is never easy, but married couples with kids, as studies have shown, get more life satisfaction than couples who do not have kids.

I am lucky to have three beautiful children (Emily 19, Tiaan 11, Nicholas 4), and the joy, happiness, and adventure they have brought into my life have been truly incredible.

Having kids also gives a higher sense of achievement and gives more responsibility.

You see the world in a different and more mature view.

Be with Friends

All human beings are social animals. So having your friends around is a time-tested social support network that will make you grounded and on the right track.

It will give you better life satisfaction-knowing that you have peers that support you!

You have to be with real friends who are your peers and have the same mindset.

You can get social support and friendship from your co-workers, volunteer and social organizations, family, and neighbors.

You have many varied options for this essential social support for a better quality of life.

The best way to build your friendship network is to keep in touch with your old school buddies and friends or join social organizations, and being more active in sports or keeping fit, i.e., hitting the gym, will give you many more benefits. Then just exercise!

Having a Job.

I feel that this does not need any more explanations.

Having a job gives us all a higher life satisfaction than being unemployed.

Specifically, income and employment status makes us get a better quality of life.

The best way to go about this is to be dynamic and flexible-getting a job is a bit difficult, but if you are resilient and flexible, there are many options available.

Volunteer work will allow you to get a foothold in that company or organization you desire to be a part of.


The great Greek Philosopher Plato stated that the meaning in life is achieved through learning and understanding. Therefore, when you have more knowledge, then you have more life satisfaction.

In our current society – those who have attained a higher education level have a higher life satisfaction level.

Remember that education does not stop after you get employed-if truth to be told, it is just the true beginning.

Education is a lifetime process-get distance education or joins some training courses.

Get and Stay Fit and Healthy

I cannot just stress the importance of health and fitness.

Being an avid sports freak from a very young age, I developed an obsession for exercise and fitness.

Exercising regularly and keeping trim is now a habitual behavior of mine.

Staying fit and healthy are essential ingredients to life satisfaction and your overall quality of life.

If you are not fit and healthy, you cannot achieve or have the strength and resolve to achieve any of the above!

You have to watch your diet and exercise regularly.

Fitness and health will do wonders for your self-confidence and well-being.

Remember that you have to make a habit of regular exercise and eating healthy. This is not a trend but a lifestyle.

Now I hope that these ten amazing ways to achieve happiness have been of assistance.

A quick fix does not just achieve happiness, or a sudden abrupt change-it is done with the ten steps and commitment.

Once you sincerely commit-then you are now on the way to truly sustainable and greater life satisfaction.

We are all striving to be happier and more satisfied in life. Your life can be everything you want it to be when you apply simple and proven steps. Discover the secrets to life satisfaction [] that’s rich in contentment, happiness, and fulfillment.