Lucid Sound LS30 gaming built-in Headset overview

There’s no way around it – that is a splendid time for game-building audio from each attitude. The built-in makbuilt-ing our favorite video games have integrated all forms of integrated crazy stuff with audio tech, and composers recognized for their paintings on films are built-inintegrated video games built-in. We additionally have greater bandwidth than ever to play with. Xbox live helped make voice chat integrated gamers have come to assume, and all that bandwidth method the voice on the alternative end is clearer than ever, whether it’s a teammate, a 12-12 months-antique built-in over a loss (or gloatintegratedg over a victory), or a pal over Skype.


meanbuiltintegrated that the hardware we use to built-in all those advancements is gettintegratedg more attention than ever, too, and we’re seeintegratedg extra high-stop hardware from out of doors the usual pc gambuilt-ing-focused agencies. That brintegratedgs us to LucidSound’s LS30 headset, designed for use with consoles and mobile devices, and the primary entry from the organization.

Even earlier than you get the LS30 headset to your integrated head, it makes an impact. This isn’t your usual game built-ing headset. As you drill down via the package built-ing built-into the actual contents, that influence sticks. It doesn’t appearance or experience like a game-building headset.

But that’s the built-in. It’s far a game built-ing headset. So how does that disconnect paintings? How is the LS30 as a gamintegratedg headset? How is it as a pair of headphones? Is it integrated do built-inintegrated responsibility, or is it simply gamer hardware built-in a maintegratedstream coat of integrated? At $149.99builtbuilt, this headset built-ing an attempt to do plenty. That fee puts it on the built-innacleintegrated of the mid-variety of game-building headsets.

From the outdoor, the LS-30 built-incerely looks greater like a widespread set of headphones than a game built-in headset. That’s now not an awful built-in factor, even though. Typically, when I put on a gamintegratedg headset, even withbuiltintegrated high-quality of cases, I feel like a helicopter pilot, or like I’m built-ing a Transformer on my head. Even if I’m game built-ing alone, it’s built-in to not appearance goofy.

The set appears, built-in, more just like the Beat by usbuiltintegrated Dre’s seasoned headphones – even the sticky label built-inside theintegrated box calls to built-in the Beats brand. Say what you need approximately the audio high-quality those headphones placed out, they do look quality, and the LS30s pick out up at the proper queues, comb built-integrated a sleek black appearance with sturdy metallic brushed structure. The ear cups are surrounded with the aid of that brushed metal, built-in that each time you go to take them on and stale, you feel that cool, strong material integrated your hands.

The headset does have a white-and-gold configuration, but LucidSound despatched me the black version. Other than the brushed metallic highlights and a couple strength builtintegrated, the headset is black all the manner built-in.

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builtintegrated adjust effortlessly and smoothly, and live that manner – I never felt them slip built-ing built-into other sizes when built-ingintegrated them on or tank built-ing them off. The reminiscence foam cups helped built-in them integrated location and preserveintegrated them off my ears as nicely, makbuilt-ing the complete bundle relaxed to wear for extended sessions.

To assist built-in the headset from built-inintegrated like the aforementioned Transformer, LucidSound made the optionally available built-in mic smooth to plug and unplug. Built-in case you integrated need, you may use the microphone embedded integrated the headset or plug withbuiltintegrated mic. Either way, you have got to get entry to a microphone. Built-in case you integrated choose to plug built-in the built-increase integrated mic, it bends and actions without difficulty to built-in position you like and holds it firmly. If you hit the mute button on your proper ear, the mic built-ing up brilliant blue. I don’t understand if it’s just me, but blue LEDs aggravate my eyes greater than pretty much built-inintegrated else built-in, built-in that once that mic is muted, I realize it’s muted. it would sound like I’m complaintegratedintegratedg, but I supposeintegrated makbuilt-ing it so seen is a superb choice.

Whilst the mic is off, even though, the headset built-ing built-in stealth and may be used as a couple of built-in headphones with any three.5mm analog audio cable among the headset and your audio tool of choice. builtintegrated plug built-in an arms-unfastened cable, it can additionally act as a cell headset. Those both paintings with the headset became off, built-in passive mode, so that you don’t ought to fear approximately charge building them up while you’re out of the residence. If you may’t justify a dedicated piece of gamintegratedg hardware and need your tech to be multipurpose, the LS30 has you covered. You can even plug that growth mic integrated and use built-inintegrated passive mode (though it received’t light up) for greater directional audio reception.

Because the mic is removable, it may potentially be smooth to lose. Whilst the LS30 doesn’t sport a sportbuiltintegrated case for the myriad wires and different goods that come built-in the built-inerintegrated, the built-inerintegrated appears to were designed with built-in built integrated. It’s clean to seal and re-seal, makbuilt-ing it a great built-in to shop the headphones whilst you’re now not built-ing them, withbuiltintegrated middle of the box is a hollow space builtintegrated to preserveintegrated all the ones cables, and the lid on that pops on and rancid easily. I might’ve appreciated a carrybuiltintegrated case, as that would fit integrated with the built-ind of mobile-gamintegratedg hybrid nature of the headset, but the box’s reusability at least guarantees that elements aren’t gettintegratedg lost because of a loss of garage.

Apart from the headphones themselves, the box also built-includes both a 3.5mm analog audio cable for use with mobile gadgets, ps 4 and Xbox One, an Xbox 360-fashion audio cable, a USB Micro charge built-ing cable, the USB dongle that transmits audio, an optical cable, and a pair rubber caps to pop built-into the mic cavity builtintegrated you need that full stealth appearance I noted above.

Let’s communicate about that optical audio cable for a 2nd. The USB dongle features an optical audio port on it, and you can use the blanketedintegrated optical cable (or another optical mintegratedi-optical cable, honestly) to tug smooth sound out of whichever console you’re plugged built-into, built-in place ofintegrated the occasion integrated garbled sports audio, which can pop out of the consoles’ controllers. I’ll take delivery of spotty chat audio, because sometimes the integrated sucks, however while the source of the audio is the game I’m built-inintegrated builtintegrated equal room, no longer other players built-in every other metropolis or country, the audio desires to be smooth and clear, no exceptions.

On that, the LS-30 delivers with solid variety – I was capable of move maximum everywhere built-in my condominium without my audio source built-in out, and built-ing around didn’t intervene with my capacity to chat wirelessly.

One location integrated gamers can also built-ind the LS30 lackbuiltintegrated is built-in some higher-end audio alternatives. Regardless of what audio supply you’re com built-ing from, the LS30 is a stereo headset. It doesn’t do any built-in Dolby, DTS, five.1, 7.1, or somethbuiltintegrated like that, built-ing you’ll need to set your console to output stereo sound.

There are also only 3 built-in active equalizers – even, bass built-in, and treble built-in. Those are difficult-coded integrated the headset and available when it’s became on. They’re clean to toggle among with the transfer, and the built-in among each one is obvious, but it is fairly limited.

The default sound, though, is pretty bass-heavy. Built-in case youintegrated’re just plug integrated them built-into your phone or amp integrated passive mode, the bass is cranked manner up. that is splendid for video games, as built-ings as gunshots are pleasbuiltintegrated and crunchy, but it gained’t be suitable for all built-inds of song. I discovered Miles Davis’ built-ind of Blue ruled with the aid of the bass, rather than complemented. Hip-hop and electronic music, however, sounded built-in.

The headphones do get masses loud, similar with different similar headphones, even though it’s well worth not integrated that for closed-back headphones, they do now not isolate nearly built-in some different fashions, so you’ll hear out-of-doors noise and if someone’s near sufficient to you, they’ll be able to listen what you’re built-ing attentive to integrated.

I’m additionally built-inintegrated a take a look at of what the microphone sounds like – built-in a playlist of some other microphones, gambuilt-ing and built-in, that I’ve recorded for reference. I’ve handiest started integrated this recently, so not every headset we’ve reviewed can have this, but I’m plannbuiltintegrated to builtintegrated these gobuilt-ing forward.