My Kid Flushed a Toy Down the Toilet, What Now?

Kids are mischievous. Even though we teach them right from wrong, sometimes accidents happen, and that could be a kid flushing a toy down a toilet.

Common Toys Found in the Toilet

From toy cars to stuffed animals, barbies, and doll clothes, kids are known for flushing their toys down the toilet.

Not only does this ruin the toy, but it can also ruin the toilet by causing clogs and could really hurt the plumbing system.

How to Get Your Kids to Remember to Flush the Toilet

First Things First

When your kid does flush a toilet down the toilet, first try to plunge the toilet. If it is successful after a few tries, then great! If not, then you must move on to the next option.

Using a closet auger is the next step. This is a plumbing tool that is used often. The end of the auger has a hook to help grab what is stuck in the toilet. You can check out this video on how to properly use a closet auger.

Work with the Pros

You might want to leave this one up to the pros. It is always better to be safe than sorry. This could be a time-consuming project and too hard for you to handle without the right tools and techniques. A plumber in Chandler will have all the right tools and techniques to get the job done efficiently.

Another benefit of using an experienced plumber is that they can be there at any hour of the day and night. Because let’s be honest, accidents happen at any time, not when it is convenient for you.

When your plumber comes out to fix the issue, ask them if they can take the time to show the child why we should never flush a toy down the toilet. Hopefully, this will help them learn their lesson!