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Perfection in the Art of Collecting Personalized Gift

Worldwide, companies spend 15 percent of their corporate gifts budget. In Bulgaria, statistics show growth of this market by 20% per year. This is particularly noticeable around Christmas – every year in the holidays, companies and state and municipal agencies are making great efforts to offer as many original surprises as possible to the people they work with. Sometimes they really succeed. Other times their attempts to be interesting cause only smiles or even frank boredom. For the right personalized gifts, this is important now.

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Traditionalists are betting on office supplies.

Every year, for example, journalists receive so many advertisements that they cannot write them until the next holidays. The most comfortable are the cleaned models – no photos and many additional elements on the pages. It is also common practice to give company calendars, some of which are really beautiful. Popular with a taste for aesthetically shaped calendars, luxury notepads, and brand pencils, “Mont Blanc,” “Parker,” or “Senator” is, for example, pharmaceutical companies. They and the telecommunications companies are particularly keen to keep their gifts not only beautiful but also corporate-friendly.

Branded desktop accessories such as pencils, document holders, various desktop calendars, organizers, sticky notes, clocks, ashtrays, even lamps are also popular gifts for partners and customers. Although they do not always achieve the desired effect: if you bring them to other companies with accessories with their own logo, they will hardly put yours in your office. The same applies to notebooks, calendars, pencils, boxes for storing your own business cards, key chains, leather wallets, and t-shirts with another company’s brand. This risk is smaller for business cards and glasses – the first ones do not necessarily have to be visible, and the second can be safely used not only in the workplace but also at home. A particularly liked gift of this type has recently been thermocouples, which are very suitable for people working in an office. You can have the custom travel organizers for the tasks now.

Successful contacts are set on a glass.

This is the maximum for companies that send culinary delights to their partners and customers. Quality wines are the most popular gift of this type. Appropriate glasses, a bottle holder or a box of luxury wine accessories, a thermometer, a corkscrew, a stopper sometimes go to them.

Seconds after the branded alcohol are the luxury candy. Some companies go even further by donating cakes, Christmas turkeys, baskets of meat delicacies, or a collection of cheeses with a special knife and board service attached to it. For last Christmas, an advertising agency greeted its friends with Elephant Fillet. It was a bit of black humor. It’s like eating a child’s dream, but it’s different from the rest and remembers.