Questions to Ask Your Dentist?

It is vital to get your teeth cleaned twice a year as it maximizes your dental health. Try to visit your dentist once a month to know your oral hygienist as they can offer plenty of advice that will help you keep your mouth in a healthy shape for years to come.

Visiting your dentist will keep you up to date with available treatments and concerns regarding cosmetic procedures.

Are you taking full advantage of your time at the dentist and paying prices in line with expected standards? If no, then there is a list of questions you can ask your dentist the next time you visit that will help you play an active role in maintaining your oral health:



Discuss your Overall Mouth Health

It would be best if you initiate a conversation with your dentist by asking about the mouth’s overall health. Your dentist will let you know if something is severely wrong, or he can advise on what extra you can do to improve your oral health.

While examining you, your dentist will tell you the area of concerns; take advantage by asking follow-up questions like-

  1. Am I brushing correctly?
  2. What brand’s toothpaste is suitable for my teeth?
  3. How do my gums look?
  4. Are there weak teeth that need more care?

Ensure even tell minute problems associated with particular teeth such as slight pain, sensitivity, etc.

What Foods are Good and Bad for Teeth?

The food you eat affects your teeth and gums. Eating diet-rich food like protein, green vegetables, and fruits can provide calcium and better blood flow to teeth. While acidic, sugary, and sticky food will cause cavities and excessive intake of beverages like tea or coffee will stain your teeth.

Your dentist can suggest which food choices are affecting your teeth and must be avoided.

Should I Consider Teeth-Whitening Treatment?

Whitening treatments are a great way to improve the overall look of your teeth by getting rid of silt and stains. There are different types of whitening treatments that your dentists can suggest suitable for your teeth.

The most common treatment is in-office whitening treatment that takes an hour.

Which Procedures can improve the Strength of Your Teeth?

If your teeth are weak and susceptible to cavities, your dentist will suggest fluoride treatment. This treatment is generally considered for small children, but many adults benefit from it.

Offers for Correct Dental Alignment?

If you have crooked and misaligned teeth or cavities in your crown but never had a treatment, it’s time for you to see a dentist and ask queries.

He or she will suggest you suitable braces to straighten up your smile. Dental veneers are an excellent cosmetic option to improve the appearance of crooked teeth and crowns.

Why Are Your Teeth so Sensitive?

Sensitivity can be caused by orthodontic work, whitening treatments, certain medications, cracks in your teeth, or dental decay. If you have sensitivity issues, you need to consult your dentist, who will tell you the causes and cures.