Ramadan 2016 – Complete the Fasting Until the Sunset

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar, commemorating the appearance of the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the revelation to the Prophet of the opening verses of the Quran.

Ramadan 2016 - Complete the Fasting Until the Sunset 1

Around the world, followers of Islam wait, in eager anticipation, for the onset of Ramadan when they once again invest one month in fasting, penitence, introspection, charity, and spiritual reflection.


Ramadan (also called Ramzan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The fast, from sunrise to sunset, every day of the month, is to be observed by all Muslims who are sound in mind and body and are past the age of puberty.

Faithful observance of the fast is one of the five pillars of belief in Islam, and the devout are called upon to adhere to the tenets of the fast scrupulously.


During the daylight hours, the faithful are enjoined to abstain absolutely, not only from all food and drink but also from succumbing to the temptation to fulfill any other physical needs such as smoking, sexual activity, etc.

The Ramadan month is about much more than mere deprivation of physical and psychological demands.

Reconnecting with God, practicing self-discipline, renouncing negative behavior, almsgiving, and purification of the soul is an integral part of the month’s observance.

Morning to Evening

The fast begins every morning, with Al-Fajr (prayer of the morning), and ends every day at dusk, with Al-Maghrib (prayer at sunset).

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During the month, this is a daily routine for devout Muslims. Specific categories are exempt from observing the fast – children who have not attained puberty, those aged, pregnant women, nursing mothers, menstruating women, those who are not of sound mind, the sick, and travelers.

But, those who are exempt from observing the fast must feed at least one needy person every day or contribute alms equivalent to the cost of a meal for one person for every day the fast is not observed.

Fasting acts as a reminder of the deprivation experienced by millions of fellow human beings who are unsure of having even one square meal a day. The faithful give praise and thanks to God for his generosity and gladly share their God-given prosperity with the poor, the deprived, and the less privileged.

At Sunset

The word ‘iftar’ literally means ‘break the fast and is supremely appropriate to describe the breaking of the fast that has been observed during daylight hours.

Traditionally, the fast is broken by eating dates and drinking a cup of yogurt or water (but this could differ from one country to another). The tradition flows from the act of the Messenger of Allah who used to break his fast with dates, or if there were no dates, with water.


The breaking of the fast at sunset is at once a family event and a community event. While the family may break their fasts in the privacy of their home, iftar has significance as a community event also. A community of families meets together, transforming the meal into a social event, one to which the less fortunate members of the community are also made welcome.

The spiritual rewards for acts of charity during the holy month of Ramadan are especially abundant. Mosques also set up free tents so that no faithful Muslim should be unable to break his day-end fast merely because of the penniless situation or other compelling circumstances.

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Ramadan is not only about solemnity but also about celebrating the wonderful month.

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Make your Ramadan 2016 special by making God the center of your life, enriching your family life, caring for fellow living beings on the planet, and sharing gladly the gifts that God has bestowed upon you.

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