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SEO Tips and Tricks: What Not to Do in SEO and Save Penalties From Google

I hope these SEO tips and tricks will address come common pitfalls that many webmasters and internet marketers fall into. When you look up SEO tips online, a lot of information is stale, that is a few years old at least. This is not very good considering that Google updates its algorithms regularly. The problem isn’t so much stale data but that it can be outright wrong and harm your site.

Tip-1: Old isn’t Gold – Don’t follow Stale Advice

As a simple example, a lot of internet marketing sites out there will suggest that you promote your site and blog through a paid blog network. Yet within the last month, Google has been cracking down and de-indexing whole blog networks, driving down businesses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars into overnight bankruptcy. Well, at least the closing down of these businesses, bankrupt or not. The point is, if you follow advice that is outdated, you can lose out big time.

Tip-2: Anchor Text Match

This is an old one and something that is still followed a lot, especially by internet marketers. They take the keyword that they are targeting and concentrate all their link-building efforts around this. Bad idea. Google wants anchor text to be more ‘natural’ and chances are, not everyone who wants to link to you is going to use the exact same 5 word long keyword that you selected for yourself.

When you are using anchor text, be realistic. Try variations of the anchor text and sometimes you need completely ‘natural’ anchor text like ‘Click here’. A lot of internet marketers forget this simple basic premise of Google – reward sites that are naturally linked to.

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Tip-3: Keywords in Headings

You want the keyword in your headings right? Well of course, but don’t overdo it. Google is known to penalize this, especially if you just stuff your keyword into all the headings that you have on your post. Instead, consider mixing it up, like using bold instead of heading h2 for some of the sub-headings especially when making a list.

If you have just a couple of headings, you might want to keep the keyword in one of them and not in the other. Remember not to overdo keywords in headings, although don’t neglect it altogether because keywords in headings are really important from an on-page SEO point of view.

I hope these SEO tips will help you make the right choices as a blogger, webmaster or internet marketer and help you promote your product or website in a way that Google likes. Remember that SEO should be about providing value to search and Google, not just for yourself.

It is very important to Google that you follow Ethical SEO techniques because otherwise you risk the ire of Google, like most recently when Google de-indexed blog networks. Follow advice from qualified SEO experts only.