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Some key locations to visit in Greece

Thinking of taking a luxury greek vacation but not exactly sure what to do when you get there, don’t worry many people are in the same position and it is not because of a lack of things to do it’s because there is so much. Mountain ranges to the north, Ancient structures spread across the whole country and glorious Greek islands and beaches spread all around there are simply too many options for a simple vacation. This is the reason many people make a second or third visit and even sometimes that is not enough.

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To help you out we have come up with a list of some of the most popular things to do while visiting Greece. These range from outdoor sports, to trekking, history hunting and a few other options in between. Don’t get to overwhelmed with everything there is to do not simply work out what is most important to you and try to structure your time and destinations around this. Don’t forget that you can always make a return journey because you will want to.

Visit the Acropolis:

Overlooking the already stunning city of Athens is the ancient structure of the Acropolis. Probably already on your list, this is a must-see for any with an interest in architecture, history and simply stunning views and photography opportunities. You can stroll around just as the ancient Greeks did and marvel at these incredible structures.

Following a visit here you can then enter Athens itself and discover everything the city has to offer from more incredible ancient discoveries to the modern city centre lined with shops, bars and clubs. Like Rome it is a perfect mix of modern and ancient that somehow works.

Climb Mount Olympus:

The aptly named Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. Famed in Greek mythology as the seat of Zeus power, what better way to spend your time than to climb up to the seat of the gods, you can hike some or all the way depending on your abilities. Located near Litochoro You will have stunning views for your whole journey and especially from on top of the mountain which stands at just under 3000 meters. Take your time and enjoy the scenery Zeus will still be waiting.

See Santorini:

One of the most famous of the Greek island Santorini is adorned with whitewashed villas that climb from the shore up the slopes of the island. One of the most picturesque locations this is an extremely popular location for couples as there are many areas to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Climb to some of the viewpoints to capture some of the best panoramic sunsets possible in Greece. Not a place to be rushed this is ideal for those wanting to get away and enjoy your time together.

Marvel at Meteora:

If you thought the ancient Greeks could build outstanding and awe-inspiring structures wait till you see the monasteries of Meteora. Build and lived in by orthodox monks, these monasteries lie upon tower rock formations. At one point there was over 20 now due to time and disrepair only 6 remain. Now a UNESCO world heritage site the area draws thousands of visitors every year who come to marvel at these incredible structures and also the area in which they are located.

The geological rock formation alone would draw many visitors and it is one of the most unique formations in Europe. Take your time to hike among the rocks and find the best vantage points available. Expect large crowds in the summer months, so it might be better to plan so you are not packed into the crowds.

Learn from the Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust:

This is the only Holocaust museum in Greece and here you can learn about the events of WWII in Greece and the tragic events which took place in Greece during this period. The museum is designed as both a museum and memorial to those who died Kalavryta as they were attacked by the Nazis. A brief history of other events throughout the country can also be found in the archives and displays in this former school where many residents died.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki:

As the city is a living museum in itself you might feel like skipping the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, but it is not one that you should pass up as it contains artefacts from the ancient Macedonian civilization another major city-state of ancient Greece. Split across seven sectors the museum shows the rise and decline of this city-state. The building itself is also quite incredible and draws a large number of visitors itself due to its design and modern architectural structure.

Find hidden beaches in Zakynthos:

While this island is more known for its wild nightlife Zakynthos also host some incredible beaches with the most famous being shipwreck cove. Not necessarily a hidden beach as it is always packed, its location requires a boat ride to reach it by adding some extra adventure into the mix. Once you are finished here there are plenty more beaches to find and parties to be had in the many clubs and bars which have made the island infamous.

Although looking at the options may be daunting it is also exciting to see the huge array of things that you can get up to in Greece. Do your research and book your flights and enjoy this amazing country.