Teenager’s 2 hundred vintage Apple computers now a Mac Museum

A deliberate era museum in Maine grew out of the curiosity of a 10-yr-old.

In 2010, Alex Jason traded a minibike and an electric-powered snowblower for an iMac G5 pc, in what grew to become out to be the start of a large series of antique pc equipment, consisting of 200 Apple machines. It’s far certainly one of just a few dozen collections of its length and type.

Alex, now 15, along with his father, invoice Jason, is making plans to display the gathering, referred to like Alex’s Apple Orchard, in a transformed library in Fairfield, Maine, quickly to be the Maine generation Museum.


Among Alex’s pieces is a rare Apple I from 1976 that still works and has unique chips. Fewer than 70 of those models are believed to remain, with one selling for greater than $900,000 at a public sale in 2014.

Different prized artifacts consist of an Apple Lisa 2/5, named for the daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs; the prototype of a mouse referred to as the Cursor III; and a Powerbook 100, which is considered the primary contemporary pc. Alex said he has now not put an assessed value on his complete collection. “To me, it’s valuable,” he stated.

The modest beginnings of Alex’s undertaking do not forget the humble beginning of Apple itself, which changed into founded with the aid of Jobs and his high school pal Stephen Wozniak in a suburban California garage in 1976.

Alex started his first step forward changed into buying a collection of 50 Apple computers — sufficient to fill a 26-foot-lengthy U-Haul — with $2,000 he had stored from mowing lawns.

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He has received computer systems from different creditors and eBay and thoroughly displayed some of them in the basement of the family’s domestic in a town about 20 miles north of Augusta, Maine. Apple memorabilia, consisting of a giant rainbow-colored emblem and schematics of a motherboard, decorate the partitions.

Bill Jason spearheads the attempt to transform the Carnegie Library at the campus of exact Will-Hinckley, a charitable enterprise, right into a museum that might open in January. Aside from housing Alex’s collection, the Maine generation Museum would be committed to interactive famous approximately renewable energy, engineering, computers, area exploration, and digital reality, Jason stated.

Long-time tinkerer

Alex defined himself as an extended-time tinkerer who studied how tractors worked at the loo Deere dealership, explored the innards of computer systems, and once rigged a plastic pipe to a garbage bin to get rid of crumpled papers and crumbs from his table.

He turned into inspired to pursue Apple computer systems after he upgraded the tough power and RAM on his first pc, the iMac G5, on his own.

Adam Rosen, who keeps the vintage Mac Museum from his home in Boston, expected numerous dozen large personal collections of Apple computers in the united states. Rosen stated Apple has no longer opened a museum of its own, and he knew of handiest two museums — in Prague and Savona, Italy — that are totally committed to its computers. — ny times news carrier