Top Ten Computer Tips

Computer professional Many inexperienced users start making mistakes that can cost the life of their costly computer. It is better to learn how to tackle your new PC. The things you need to do to your personal computer will determine how long it will work without crashing.

Top Ten Computer Tips

Below are some healthy tips that you should remember while using your computer.

First, you should not switch off your computer without waiting for the shutdown of windows. This is because it may be serious and permanent defects in your hard drive contacting the surface of the drive. You need to select the force a shutdown option only when your hard drive refuses to respond, or it may hand. In this situation, press ALT+CTRL+DEL keys that will launch task manager. If the task manager does not appear, you need to switch off the computer and reboot it safely. You need to perform emergency shutdown only when it is essential.

It would help if you plugged your computer into an uninterrupted power supply that will prevent you from a power failure in high and low voltage occurrences. A UPS will save your system from a power disaster problem. It is better to take a backup of your important files as you need to buy a CD to store these files as a crash may occur at any time.

Use defragmenter or Scandisk once a month. You need to check up once in a while to catch any disaster that can cause multiple problems to your computer. You also need to check it up to keep it crash-free and healthy.

It would help if you did not unplug the peripherals when they are at the powered-up stage. It can do too much damages to your motherboard.

You should keep more than 100 MB of space empty in the local drive. Otherwise, it will slow your computer speed. Do not try to start a lot of programs when you start your computer. Delete or uninstall start-up programs if there are multiple in numbers.

You should use a good antivirus program that you really need to save your computer from worms, viruses, and spam. You can download these programs from the internet and get them from your friends if they use any good ones. This software will not allow entering any bad stuff into your computer.

It is also recommended if keep your firewall on in case of using a high-speed internet connection. A firewall usually saves a computer from being hijacked. If your computer has been hacked once, hackers can search programs in your computer or even steal personal information from it.

It would help if you did not throw away installer software when you have installed the program. There are many times when your computer needs to reformat that erase all data from your hard disk. At this time, you can re-install these programs from the existing setup.