The computer prodigy -and why we moved him to Melbourne

The remarks from the academics become that he already understood what they were coaching, and he was distracting the alternative youngsters,” stated his father, Mr. Ray Yee. “Having to take a seat down and to concentrate on the teacher was like a prison to him.”

Unknown to his mother and father at the time, Seth was a gifted infant. And he was typical of many such highly-gifted kids who warfare with behavioral problems that may affect their social and emotional improvement, as the program On The Red Dot explores in a sequence on Wonder Kids.

When he changed into one and a 1/2 years vintage, Seth ought to already differentiate between a hexagon and an octagon and inform how many aspects every form had.

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At 5, he became mastering science topics intended for Primary Six students. And at 8, he became fluent in three computing languages – Aldruno, JavaScript, and Python – which he learned with the aid of watching online tutorials.

Said the prodigy: “When I code at the computer, I experience definitely excited due to the fact I might be able to programme an AI (synthetic intelligence), and I may have digital conversations with it.”

But it regarded clear Seth could no longer be capable of adapting to the Singapore school gadget. And so, when he turned six, his dad and mom picked him up and moved to Melbourne, hoping that trade in environment and college could do their son correct.


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Ms. Daphlyn Gao recounted how her son’s behavioral troubles cropped up when he becomes merely an infant. He would often throw tantrums when matters didn’t cross his manner.

When he changed into four, he had an atypical obsession with lifts – he may want to do not forget the exceptional lifts or even how many buttons they had. But, on one event, he insisted on taking most effective a specific one.

“It took place that the lift broke down, so he had a huge meltdown, throwing a tantrum after which lay on the floor,” she said. “It changed into very difficult for each of us because they (the tantrums) can show up pretty lots.”

Frequent outbursts aside, Seth became a unique youngster who seemed to be beforehand of his friends.

“When we delivered him to shopping centers with kiddy rides, he might be looking at the mechanism of the rides, to peer the way it truly works and why its movements,” recalled Ms. Gao.
Concerned that he might be autistic or have Asperger’s syndrome, she and her husband despatched him to a psychologist to be tested. The results had been bittersweet for the couple – Seth becomes certified ‘proficient’ at the Stanford-Binet five Intelligence scale with an IQ of 134, inside the top 1 percent for youngsters.

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