The Modern Day Wife

Our world has changed a lot in the last 30 years. Home Telephones have turned into mobile phones, 8 track tapes have become CD’s, World book encyclopedias have turned into the world wide web, bulky cube-shaped TVs are now flat and hang on the walls, and many of the women of our world have become bossy and argumentative and more manly in their speech and actions.

The Modern Day Wife 1

In this day and age, the wives of this day and age spend way too much time on their cell phones talking and firing off text messages. 30 years ago, wives gave their attention to their husbands, but now husbands have to compete against cell phones, friends, and kids for some love, affection, and attention.

These new-age wives want to run the world and the marriages. They want to be in charge in the family.

In comparison to the lovely ladies of the past modern women have taken on manly traits.

They watch football, drink beer, fart, and burp out loud; they talk dirty and are foul-mouthed. It’s like hanging out with one of the guys, except the boobs.

This is an ink freak generation. Our women, as well as the men, are covered in cartoons and ink. Three decades ago, the only people that had tattoos were bikers and sailors. These days everybody and their brother has tattoos, including mommies, little cheerleaders, and the Susie homemakers of the world.

Women have beautiful bodies and smooth skin; God made them attractive, that’s why he made them sexy. But green women are not attractive, except maybe to a green man.

Our women used to wear nice rings, pearls, or nice pendants, and classy earrings. These days they punch holes in their faces, lips, and tongues and stick studs in them. Some go to extremes and punch holes in the twats and put studs down there. This is neither feminine nor classy.

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The modern women want what she wants when she wants it. Marriage used to be teamwork, but now it’s her against him.
They put everything before their husbands, the one they vowed to love and honor until death.

Now not all modern women are like this, but a major portion of them are.
This article will ruffle the feathers of a few modern wives and some that are not wives; they are going to send me nasty emails talking all tough and bad, mouthing me for writing this.

But this article won’t bother the good wives; only the hateful, bossy, argumentative women with bad attitudes that always have to voice their opinion about everything will respond. Because they always have to have the last word about everything and they always have to be right.

This article has been written just for the men’s wives and guys. If you have a woman like this and are not married, you better get rid of them while you have the chance. Once you marry a woman with a bitchitude, you are stuck with her, and she will suck the life out of you.

Heed these words of wisdom. Being married to the wrong woman is much worse than not being married at all.

The right woman for you will bring joy and happiness to your life, but the wrong woman will only bring pain, misery, and strife.