Time to bring again the software consumer conference

As an enterprise observer, I attend something like 40+ consumer meetings a year. My first industry conference, as a German local become of direction… CeBIT in Hannover lower back in 1986.

Every tech organization has a user convention nowadays. And is it just me, or are all of them starting to feel the exact equal? Same announcements, same message, identical speakers, same venue. Rinse, repeat.

On the pinnacle of this sameness, irrelevant gimmicks and absence of substance threaten to tug the tech consumer conference into obsolescence. But all isn’t misplaced.

Here are a few areas in which tech meetings are going off course and some ideas about fixing them.

Time to bring again the software consumer conference

It’s approximately the product. Users attend meetings to examine more about a vendor’s software. So product desires to get a variety of airtime. Yes, services depend too-but it’s the product that human beings have taken a day trip in their busy schedules to study. Nothing is worse than going via the pain of attending a convention only to discover the conference is mild on product programming. Conferences are for customers-make certain they have masses of meaty product-heavy content material to select from. Have a motivational speaker that matters. Motivational speakers encourage user agencies. But make sure the speaker has a message that pertains to the software and the customers’ commercial enterprise. As remarkable because the Cake Master can be, a speaker with an inappropriate message isn’t the first-rate motivational speaker to have at a user convention.

Demo software. Many attendees are professional users. Vendors want to illustrate they, too, are professionals with their personal products. An excellent way to do that is to demo the product. This is the maximum green manner for convention organizers not to display off their talent with the product. However, they show they apprehend how customers will really use the product in their businesses. On a related notice, these demos have to be live. So let us put off demos which include screenshots, screencaps, and so on. Remember, the target market is constituted of customers who use the products each unmarried day. It does not affect appearance exactly when an attendee returns from the convention and has to inform colleagues that the seller no longer displays the stay software program.

Subject know-how beats celeb. Yes, user meetings are approximately thought, but a superstar, soap opera megastar, or a speak display host is not something a corporation software program person can relate to their paintings and is truly no longer why they spend 3-4 days and a few thousand greenbacks/euros to wait for a convention. Conference organizers ought to err on the aspect of difficulty rely upon professionals over a superstar. As fellow customers, concern matter professionals generate on-the-spot validation, trust, and respect from a user audience. There is the direct bond of being within the equal boat that no movie star can generate.

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Limit philanthropy. It’s extraordinary for vendors to offer lower back to a cause outdoor of the software. But it ought to no longer be 50 percent of a keynote. Excessive philanthropy detracts from the value of philanthropy and begs the question, “what’s the cause of the user convention?”
Users want to the community. Vendors must provide users risk to the network. Not just informally but in a deliberate way. User conferences are an outstanding possibility to attach the proper customers at the proper time in the right place. Vendors have the selection to offer customers with the platform to hook up with each other or standby means of and watch.

Party tough but responsibly. Yes, patron appreciation is essential, but companies should make sure their attendees have an efficient convention experience. For example, limit late and early activities, provide attendees a danger to sleep (so they preserve what’s being said a subsequent day) and make the convention a safe environment.

Software development calls for creativity gear.

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Software developer’s toolbox, by and large, incorporates productiveness gear like programming workbenches, compilers, and modeling equipment – creativity gear is alas almost completely lacking. Even software program technology and schooling have paid very little or no attention to creativity gear. Taking creative equipment into energetic use in software program improvement is important in raising software quality and developing enticing person stories in software program products.

Software modeling strategies and creativity

How do present-day software modeling methods guide creativity? Unfortunately, current techniques almost kill creativity. They force builders to express ideas from the early starting with programming language level paradigms and ideas. They generally tend to resemble how computer systems and software paintings, now not how people assume and behave. A typical example is UML – Unified Modeling Language, which is the same old as object-orientated modeling. UML is so complex, era, paradigm, and programming language oriented that most effective “UML experts” can use it. However, UML honestly creates a wall among developers and other stakeholders, preventing collaboration and communique.

Liberating developers from the programming straitjacket

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In the early stages of software development, in ideation and a specification, we need a questioning tool in preference to a modeling device. The purpose of computers and software program programs is to make people’s regular life simpler and more at ease. So there ought to exist a human and natural manner to the method of the improvement mission. Otherwise, we’re creating a disservice using doing matters in a way we don’t like. The mind mapping method is a top-rated technique to free software program developers from the programming straitjacket. The inventor of thoughts maps, Tony Buzan, writes, “I needed something that reflected the methods of nature and the way our brains clearly work instead of something that placed us in an intellectual straitjacket by way of forcing us to work in opposition to our natural design.”