Tips to Remember to Claim Health Insurance Cover from Your Employer

Factors like lack of nutritious meals and pollution have made a large portion of the urban population more prone to diseases than people already are. For this reason, more and more people are visiting doctors, getting newer procedures done, and exploring medical treatments. Following the logic of demand and supply that the world works one, it has led to high medical expenses. Once, you notice how expensive it has gotten to get medical treatment, you are likely to feel reluctant to visit a hospital for even the gravest of the medical issues. However, there is a solution out of this situation. That solution is health insurance. Now you don’t have to go to the insurance office to file a claim, now you can file a claim through ICICI Lombard’s health insurance app easily.

Health Insurance Cover from Your Employer

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of medical expenses. It is mainly used so that illness or injury does not flip a person’s finances and life upside down. Because it offers an alternative to high medical costs, it is extremely popular despite not being mandatory. Health insurance companies charge a premium for a policy that offers you financial coverage in the case of medical emergencies. All you need to do is raise a claim. As it is such a beneficial product, it is also offered by employers to their employees.

However, before you can enjoy the benefits of this policy, there is a lot of formalities to complete and a lot of things to know. If not completed in time, it could lead to troubles with the claim. Hence, here are a few tips to remember to make claims with your employer easier:

  • Keep your family’s personal profile up to date

The first thing that any employer does when offering you and your family health coverage is that it takes all the relevant information. This includes getting the personal details about you and your family and create a profile. Initially, the insurance that your employer offers already includes your spouse and your children. However, you can later add your parents in to the coverage if you want to. Based on what information you provide; the company will create a profile and offer you the coverage. This profile needs to be accurate for you to be able to make claims when needed. Hence, the moment you receive an employee ID for your insurance portal, make sure to check if your family’s personal profile is up to date. If it is not, add all the new information that needs to be there.

  • Know your coverages

Every health insurance policy has a list of coverage inclusions and exclusions. This is what differs each insurance policy for another and each insurance company from the next. Hence, you should know what your coverage is before making a claim with your company’s medical insurance. This helps you avoid a situation where your claim for a medical emergency is denied because you claimed for something not included in your plan. Hence, read the coverage related terms and conditions carefully in your company’s insurance handbook.

  • Get the E-card

A big part of company offered health insurance is third party administrator (TPA). When an employer offers health insurance to all their employees, the outsource the management and processing of all insurance related actions to another organization. This organization is known as a third-party administrator.

Once your employer issues you the health insurance policy, any time you make a claim, you would have to do it through the third party administrator. For this, you will be given a TPA card. You will also be given a digital copy of it known as an E-card. When you make a cashless claim at the hospital, you will have to show this card to the TPA department at the hospital. Hence, you should remember to take this card from your employer. Remember to take both the physical TPA card and the E-card. If you end up misplacing or losing the physical copy of your TPA, you can submit your E-card. You will have to submit an ID proof along with your E-card as well.