Top Seven MLB Teams Since 2000

Making MLB picks is still not as popular as other sports, but baseball is starting to catch up. The problem with baseball is that there aren’t enough competitive teams, but there is no issue with dominant groups leading the way. 

It’s hard to compare teams from different eras when it comes to baseball because the game has changed so much. Instead of going back through MLB history, simply looking for the best seven teams since 2000 is a good exercise. 

Winning a World Series is not easy, and it’s not a requirement to be ranked as one of the best seven MLB teams since 2000. Here is a look at those teams, which is the order in which they should be organized. 

7. 2011 Philadelphia Phillies

2011 Philadelphia Phillies

A couple of Phillies teams could have ended up on this list, but the 2011 version was the complete team. That team was filled with future Hall of Famers, and all of them were at the peak of their careers. 

Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard were the big stars of the offense, and they always seemed to come up with a big hit. The starting rotation featured Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, and Roy Oswalt. 

6. 2001 Seattle Mariners

2001 Seattle Mariners

If you made MLB predictions during the 2001 season, then betting on the Seattle Mariners was usually a good bet. What made this Mariners team special was that they lost a ton of talent before the season. 

This was the first season Ichiro came to the United States, and he took the league by storm. This team didn’t win the title, but they were fun to watch in the regular season. 

5. 2018 Boston Red Sox

New Years Resolutions for the 2018 Red Sox - Over the Monster


The Boston Red Sox has been a dominant franchise since 2000, winning three World Series titles. You could make a case for a couple of those Red Sox teams to be included on the list, but the 2018 version seemed the best. 

Mookie Betts went on a remarkable tear for the 2018 Red Sox that season, but the lineup was loaded with talent. Boston was able to slug their way to wins all season long. 

4. 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers

2019 Los Angeles Dodgers

The 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers could not win the World Series as they lost to the top team on this list. This Dodgers team was loaded with talent, and the pitching staff featured Clayton Kershaw and rising superstar Walker Buehler. 

If the Dodgers had been able to win the title that season, then they would have topped this list. 

3. 2002 New York Yankees

2002 New York Yankees

Every single year, making MLB picks today includes the New York Yankees. Surprisingly, the Yankees haven’t won a ton of World Series titles during the decade, but they have had plenty of good teams to get that done. 

This team featured Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, and Alfonso Soriano, among others, and they busted out the big bats all season long. 

2. 2016 Chicago Cubs

2016 Chicago Cubs

The 2016 Chicago Cubs entered the season as the betting favorites to win the World Series and then wasted little time in showing the world just how good they could be. Chicago was loaded in all areas, and they built up a massive lead in the National League. 

Kris Bryant was leading the offense to an MVP season, and there were plenty of other sluggers in the lineup. Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, and Jon Lester were all dominant on the mound, and the Cubs blasted teams. 

The team was able to cap it off with a World Series championship to make it one of the best runs since 2000. 

1. 2019 Houston Astros

1. 2019 Houston Astros

There have been some terrific teams in MLB since 2000, but the number one on this list is pretty easy to pick. That title would belong to the Houston Astros, and they were able to cap off the season with a World Series title. 

Houston entered the year with tons of hype and expectations, and they lived up to them at every turn. There was also a sign-stealing scandal that put a bit of a damper on the title, but they completely blew teams out all season long. 

The Astros spent a few years in a rebuild, and they were able to acquire a ton of draft picks and high-level talent. This team had no weaknesses, and they beat another great team in the final series.