What Are The Advantages Of Satellite Internet Over DSL Internet?

One of the main questions asked by anyone planning to set up an internet connection in his home or workplace is this: what are the advantages of satellite internet over DSL internet?

What Are The Advantages Of Satellite Internet Over DSL Internet? 1

Indeed, satellite and DSL services are the two top ISP platforms recommended by most people today. They both provide excellent upload and download speed. They are both readily available. And they are both easy to set up.

But one is naturally better than the other, and the clear winner in this contest is satellite service.

Below, I will cite 5 factors that make a satellite service better than a DSL internet connection.

1. Satellite service is not tied in with a phone or cable service. Unlike DSL internet, satellite does not require you to subscribe to an auxiliary service such as a phone line or a cable TV subscription. Instead, you can purchase a satellite internet subscription by itself, independent from any other service that a DSL internet subscription will require.

2. All things considered, a satellite internet subscription is typically more affordable than a DSL internet subscription. Though the basic satellite internet subscription is more expensive than the cost of DSL, you’ll be able to save more money, in the long run, with this type of internet package because you won’t have to pay for the other auxiliary subscriptions that often come standard with a DSL internet service.

3. Satellite internet is not dependent on any “area of coverage.” Basically, because of the simple setup involved with a satellite internet subscription (you need to connect a satellite modem to a satellite dish, which will transmit and receive data to and from a satellite hovering above the earth), you can set up satellite internet access anywhere you want, even in remote areas that are not covered by phone and cable companies. DSL internet is limited to the provider’s area of coverage. Satellite is not.

4. Higher bandwidth. For many, this is the number one answer to the question, “what are the advantages of satellite internet over DSL internet?” Satellite provides the highest bandwidth allowance amongst the current generation of ISP platforms. What does this mean? More people can share a satellite internet connection without suffering speed loss. This results in a more enjoyable online experience. DSL internet has limited bandwidth. Often, when more than 5 users share the connection simultaneously, severe speed loss is experienced. A satellite subscription is the best option for businesses that need an internet connection for multiple simultaneous users.

5. Less prone to service outages. As long as the area between the satellite dish and the satellite is clear – which is often the case as there is typically only space between them – you will enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection, except for the rare instances when the satellite itself suffers some issues. This can’t be said for DSL internet connections which are often susceptible to problems such as downed cable towers, broken lines, and other issues caused by mechanical malfunctions or natural events such as thunderstorms and earthquakes.

While it is smart to ask the question, “what are the advantages of the satellite over DSL” before subscribing to any specific ISP, the answer, in most areas, will lead to the conclusion that satellite internet is the better choice.

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