What Is Wax Weed Like?

Before I can describe the ridiculous mental effects of a finely crafted ‘wax’ concentrate invading your poor unsuspecting lungs, you might be wondering exactly what wax weed concentrate is in the first place. As the name suggests, a weed concentrate is a concentrated THC substance extracted from the cannabis plant. There are several different ways this can be done and even more different types of result products. So ‘what is wax?’ weed smokers may be wondering. Wax is one example of many common names for a kind of concentrate that resembles wax.

What Is Marijuana Wax and How Dangerous Is It?

A concentrate can take on many different characteristics depending on the production methods and purging methods. Purging refers to the kind of ‘cleaning’ process a concentration has to go through to filter out all the extra particles that aren’t wanted. Besides wax, some other common names used to refer to concentrates are ‘budder,’ ‘shatter,’ ‘butane hash oil,’ ‘rick Simpson oil,’ ‘dabs,’ ‘honeycomb,’ and probably a good few more, depending on where you’re from and stuff. A varying level of quality can be achieved with all of these different forms of concentrates, and none is inherently better than the others. A ‘wax’ type of concentrate can be more potent and purer than some types of ‘shatter’ and vice versa. Generally, the more honey-yellow your concentrate is, the more likely it is of very high quality and purity. Again, this isn’t an absolute rule. If you’re curious about learning more about these THC powerhouses, talk to an expert at a dispensary or do some reliable research on the web (don’t go listening to everything Vice says, basically). If you’re new to smoking regular dry herb cannabis and your tolerance hasn’t had a chance to climb very high yet, you might want to hold off on it till a later date.

So How Does It Feel?

    The first time I took a dab out of a fancy blowtorched dab rig, I almost immediately regretted my decision to clear the whole bowl. When smoking concentrates, don’t give in to the macho voice in your head. Take baby steps. A nice fat rip can easily numb your whole face within seconds and create that tingly hot feeling across your entire body that you usually only feel after smoking nonstop for hours. They call it a dab for a reason, and that reason is you only need a dab of it to get as high as a whole joint will contact you.