Musharraf’s arrest confiscation of belongings

A special Pakistani tribunal has ordered the government to arrest former navy ruler Pervez Musharraf and confiscate all his properties. It heard the high treason case towards the “proclaimed wrongdoer” for imposing emergency rule within the use of an in 2007. The 74-year-old former president turned indicted in March 2014 on treason costs for implementing an emergency inside u . S. A. Which caused the confinement of some of the superior courtroom judges in their houses and the sacking of over 100 judges.
A 3-member bench headed using Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Yahya Afridi held its first listening to the case in 8 months.
During the hearing, the indoors ministry submitted inside the court a record on Musharraf’s homes, stating four of the seven homes are owned by the previous president, The Nation said.

Prosecutor Akram Sheikh asked the courtroom to reserve Musharraf’s arrest and his manufacturing.

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Musharraf, who left the USA for Dubai in March 2016, turned into declared a proclaimed absconder by way of the courtroom in May 2016.
A conviction for high treason incorporates the death penalty or life imprisonment.
Throughout the day, the court requested the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials what the manner is to deliver returned an absconder from overseas. The officers responded the indoors ministry should send them a request, and then action could be taken.
Afridi then said the court is ordering the arrest of Musharraf and seizure of his properties.
Musharraf’s counsel, Akhtar Shah, prayed to the court now not to confiscate Musharraf’s houses until March 21; however, Afridi remarked the courtroom procedure could not be violated.
During the hearing, the courtroom sought mutual criminal help agreement with the UAE to be counted of his arrest from Dubai.

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The court docket additionally expressed anger over the non-receipt of information of his foreign houses even after 10 months.
The court docket questioned what problem lies with the initiation of movement regarding his residences outdoor the USA and why Interpol has not been contacted after the issuance of warrants against him.
The courtroom summoned Foreign Office and FIA authorities on the subsequent listening to, except searching for mutual legal assistance settlement with the UAE.
Senior legal professional Farogh Naseem separated himself from Musharraf’s felony crew for the duration of the listening.
Musharraf ruled Pakistan from 1999 to 2008.
In several criminal cases, he is wanted in Pakistan, which includes the killing of former top minister Benazir Bhutto.

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