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The Different Types of Lightsabers Explained

The Different Types of Lightsabers Explained 1

Did you know that Disney paid over $4 billion to purchase Lucasfilm in 2012? It’s no wonder that the Star Wars franchise is more popular than ever.

People love watching movies, dressing up as their favorite characters, and debating which Jedi Master is the strongest.

But what about the lightsabers?

These iconic weapons are a huge part of Star Wars lore and have been a source of fascination for fans for decades. This article will look at the different types of lightsabers and their capabilities.

Single-Bladed Lightsaber

This is the most common type of lightsaber that both Jedi and Sith use. Single-bladed lightsabers are relatively simple weapons, but they are deadly in the hands of a skilled warrior.

The single-bladed lightsaber consists of a metal hilt with a plasma blade. The length of the blade can be adjusted, but it is typically around 3 feet long.

As you might expect, the single-bladed lightsaber is primarily used for combat. The blade can evade enemy attacks and strike opponents easily, making it highly effective.

The sharpness of the blade means that it can easily slice through flesh and bone. So, they are premier weapons that can help any Jedi reach their goals.

Double-Bladed Lightsaber

The double-bladed lightsaber is a more exotic weapon that Jedi and Sith wield.

This type of lightsaber consists of two plasma blades attached to a single hilt. As mentioned above, these blades use Kyber crystals as a power source. The length of the edges can be adjusted, but they are typically around 3 feet long.

The double-bladed lightsaber is primarily used for combat. The extra blade of the light saber makes it difficult to wield under some circumstances. The user must be careful not to injure themselves, though.

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Understanding The Types of Lightsabers Is Easier Than You Think

It might not seem easy to understand the different types of lightsabers, but it’s easier than expected.

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