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4 Key Considerations You Need to Think of Before Getting Rooftop Solar Panels

The global solar power market will grow from $184 billion in 2021 to $293 billion in 2028.

You are about to join a high stake meeting with your bosses to discuss crucial matters regarding your department. No sooner had the forum started when your local electricity supply grid experienced a power outage. You end up missing the meeting due to something you would have avoided by having solar electricity.

Rooftop Solar Panels

You’ve decided to leverage your roof by getting rooftop solar panels to power your home. You have no idea which criteria to use to gauge if that’s the right decision, and that’s why you are here.

Read along to get four key considerations you need to make before considering rooftop solar panels.

1. The Weight Your Roof Can Handle

If your roof was built to support a certain amount of weight, adding the weight of solar panels might pose problems to the structure. Don’t overlook the importance of solar panels, as excessive pressure on the roof might cause the system to collapse. The top should also be examined to identify weakened sections resulting from termites and woodworms.

If you’re lucky, the solar installation company can do a free survey to assess the strength of your roof. Older roofs might need some repair and maintenance before installing the solar panels. Depending on your roof’s age, you might need a complete roof replacement.

2. The Slope of Your Roof

For maximum utilization of solar panels, they should get positioned to receive as much light as possible. The pitch of your roof should be slightly inclined to leverage on all the hours the sun is out. Ensure your roof is on an open space to avoid shade from tall buildings and trees near your property.

3. Connection to the Grid

Connecting to the Grid can be a nightmare if you overlook certain factors before going solar. It would help to consider how long it takes to get connected to your local solar power grid. This is crucial if your household consumption is higher than the solar electricity generated by your solar panels.

Find out the company responsible for collecting monthly fees and how your consumption will get measured and credited. Search for “solar panels for my home” to get various financing options for installation.

4. Warranties

Solar panels are long-lasting; thus, you should get a guarantee covering the system if anything goes wrong. The warranty covers the functionality of the solar panels during the prescribed period. In most cases, the contract guarantees the amount of solar electricity the system should generate for an extended period.

When choosing a solar installation company, consider one that offers a good warranty. The company should provide repair and maintenance services for the first few months of installation.

Learn Key Things to Consider When Getting Rooftop Solar Panels

Installing rooftop solar panels is a significant investment that you need to get right the first time. The above tips will guide you to make the right decision for your solar energy solutions.

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