5 tips for housewives to make money using a mobile earning app

Most homemakers wonder how to make money online without going to work. Of course, you will find numerous websites offering home-based jobs for homemakers if you search online. Do these websites give a lifetime opportunity to work from home as a housewife? If you are confused, don’t worry. Read further!

You don’t have to be a professional to have a regular cash flow today. With several simple money-earning apps, you can make money from home without any investment. You can work with real money-earning apps if you want to run a home-based business and earn more than enough. They help you get over 15K weekly if you can spend some of your free time networking.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers an exciting personal loan referral program through its unique money-earning app, which helps you earn money by giving referrals. To be part of this online work for housewives, you need to download IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner App and register your name.

Homemakers who dream of a regular income of more than 50K monthly can constructively use their time. All you need to do is to build networks and referrals through recommendations. Here are some tips to help you go about it.


1. Be a personal loan referral partner of IDFC FIRST Bank 

Housewives can work as referral partners of IDFC FIRST Bank at their convenience. There are no commitments that they can manage time according to their comfort. You don’t need any investment except for some time to build a strong referral network. You need to download the MyFIRST Partner app from the PlayStore or App Store to get into the process.

Then, register your name as a referral partner by filling in your full name, contact address, date of birth, and bank account number. You must submit supporting documents like scanned copies of your PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, or Voter’s ID, bank account number, and IFSC code for verification.

After successful verification, you represent IDFC FIRST Bank as a personal loan referral partner and recommend its loan products to your friends, relatives, and neighbors, who can avail of an instant loan with minimal documentation and flexible EMI repayment terms.

2. Get professional support and help

One of the exciting features of this financial affiliate program is the dedicated professional support from the executives of IDFC FIRST Bank to make it comfortable to work from home as a housewife. They help you get trained on various aspects of their financial products so that you can talk about them in detail with those looking for financial assistance.

3. Develop genuine relationships with people in your social circle

If you know who your customers are, you can successfully refer people. You can make the lives of your relatives, colleagues, or friends easier by helping them meet financial emergencies. Win their trust by giving outstanding service. You can allow them to apply for a personal loan on a comfortable EMI repayment schedule and competitive interest. It will help them to refer others who seek quick financial assistance.

There is no looking back if you start giving referrals through this refer & earn app. You are paid for every qualified referral who avails of IDFC FIRST Bank’s instant loan online.

4. Keep updating your referrals 

The MyFIRST Partner App from IDFC FIRST Bank allows you to access the “In Progress” tab to track the progress of all loan applications. It will show the latest update of each proposal. The bank verifies the applications and sanctions the eligible loan amount by crediting it to the applicant’s account. You have to keep your referrals happy by updating the loan status.

5. Earn money on every disbursement

When a referral is converted into a sale, you get compensation. The real money earning apps doesn’t limit the number of referrals you can give for personal loans. You keep making a certain percentage of money on the loan amount, which is credited to your bank account weekly. Other than this, you also earn incentives and rewards.

If you are a housewife looking for an opportunity to make money online and be independent, then you should now download IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner app.