Movavi Video Converter Review

Do you want to convert your videos into a specific format, but aren’t quite sure how to do so – or which format would be best for the device that you’re using? Dealing with video formats can be confusing for the uninitiated, due to the sheer number of formats that are out there and the fact that different devices have different ranges of compatibility.

Instead of trying to disentangle the various formats and their compatibility, Movavi Video Converter will supply you with a far easier option. As you can guess from its name it is a video converter, but what makes it unique is the intuitive and simple approach that it uses.

To convert any video to a different format with Movavi Video Converter is simple, and its clean and modern interface will provide ample indication as to what needs to be done. Basically to get started you just need to add the video you intend to convert either by clicking ‘Add Media’ then ‘Add Video’ and selecting it, or by dragging and dropping it into the main window.

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After you’ve added the video, you can select a format from the choices listed in the lower part of Movavi Video Converter. Not only does it contain practically every format you could possibly need, but there are even hundreds of built-in presets for different devices that will automatically use the best possible format and video settings – so you don’t have to figure out which is best on your own. For more detailed instructions, visit

If you want you could click ‘Convert’ and convert the video right there and then, or you could adjust the other parameters such as the resolution, bitrate and frame rate according to your needs. In fact Movavi Video Converter will even let you convert audio and image files, compress videos, create animated GIFs, or grab screenshots.

Aside from letting you convert videos and other media files, Movavi Video Converter comes with several editing tools as well. While basic, these tools will give you the means to improve the quality of your videos, trim out unwanted parts, crop or rotate the frame, and add captions.

By using Movavi Video Converter, it becomes easy to deal with videos of any and all formats. Adding to that its comprehensive features will give you the flexibility to prepare them in other ways as well, so that you are able to determine the exact shape and form of the videos that you watch or store.