Austin burger blogger rises as new famous person of popular Food

Austin’s own Ali Khan is blowing up. The burger blogger-grew to become-television persona changed into lower back in his east aspect community these days on a short stopover while shooting the fifth season of his Cooking Channel series, Cheap Eats.

Recently, Khan sat down with CultureMap for a cup of coffee and a chat about his new stint on the Food Network show, Spring Baking Championship. Although, to be honest, he was sipping on a Topo Chico. The electricity and enthusiasm this man has for all matters, food, and journey already burn brightly, so the addition of caffeine, he admitted, might have been an excessive amount to deal with.

“You realize how a few people cook dinner [their way] thru cookbooks? I ate [my way through] guidebooks attempting eating places,” explains Khan. The Los Angeles transplant, who moved to Austin a half of years ago with his spouse and young son, spent the previous 20 years in L.A. Hustling across the city, eating, and writing. “That became part of my education in food because I didn’t like paintings in kitchens. So I visited dining rooms.”

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Upon arriving in Austin (“I went from one land of tacos to some other land of tacos,” he says), his career took off whilst he landed the gig website hosting Cheap Eats at the Cooking Channel. The display sends Khan to exceptional towns across the country, tough him to find four meals’ well worth of scrumptious and genuine nearby delicacies for just $35.

As if starring in his own TV display wasn’t preserving him busy enough, Khan is set to seem like the host at the fourth season of Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship (premiering Monday, March 12 at eight pm). SBC is an opposition display in which bakers at every level — from Culinary Institute of America-skilled cooks to home baking amateurs — compete for a $50,000 coins prize and the coveted identify.

“This is a fun format for me,” says Khan. “When you’re doing a Spring Baking Championship, you’re now not speaking about a slice of pie for $5 like on Cheap Eats. You’re speaking about the first-class of the first-rate in phrases of taste. It’s gotta be beyond scrumptious. The time constraints clearly show off who may be as innovative as they may be on their ft and whose approach can shine via. A spectacle is big, too. It’s in reality about the show. It’s a sculpture.”

While Khan’s tv superstar keeps to upward thrust, his blog that helped start all of it, Bang for Your Burger Buck, is still going sturdy. Although he’s now not in Austin as lots as he used to be, the globetrotting gastronome makes the maximum of his time at home.

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“I’m going to Los Angeles Barbecue for lunch,” he says earlier than launching into the first-class intricacies of what makes an appropriate smoked brisket. He recognizes that his ongoing quest to discover the quality meals inside u . S. — reasonably-priced or in any other case — is a quixotic one.

“Just due to the fact Eater comes up with a ten high-quality listing doesn’t mean you’re gonna love it. It’s nonetheless a subjective experience,” he muses. “At the cease of the day, you need to be honest with what you want.”

Grilling throughout the wintry weather season is lots one of a kind than doing so in the summertime. There are more factors to take into account, and the weather is typically extra harsh. Not to say that it’s freezing bloodless! But that’s what makes a fresh-off-the-grill burger, hotdog, or steak extra appetizing – a warm, scrumptious meal on a cold day.

Here are 5 critical pointers for grilling for the duration of iciness that you can try this excursion season:

A cover makes all the distinction.

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Using a cover on your grill, whether it is iciness time or not, ensures that your grill may be protected from harsh elements outside, making its life longer. When it is snowing, all the more, a cover is needed – it will guard your grill from heavy rainfall and could maintain it snow-unfastened. Just have a broom or a small shovel close by to dust the snow off the cover earlier than cooking.

Keep extra gas

If you are grilling the use of charcoal, it’s perfect to have some greater as charcoal burns faster because of the cold and the wind – you don’t want your barbeque to be cut short due to the fact you have run out of fuel. If you are grilling the usage of gas, ensure that your tank is full earlier than every fish fry session to make sure that your grill can maintain the proper temperatures to prepare dinner food evenly.

Don’t overtake a look at

Once the lid is down, set your timer and await your food to cook dinner well. When you check an excessive amount, the ice weather will reason your grill’s temperature to drop, and your food won’t be cooked calmly. So keep the lid closed and test simplest when vital.

Practice protection

During wintry weather, the grease can gather at the bottom of your grill quickly, which will increase the risk of the fireplace. Have a bottle of water ready (it’s not as clean to access the hose all through wintry weather as it is in the summer season) or a fire extinguisher equipped in case of hearth or flare-ups.

Pre-heat your grill earlier

When the climate is cold, your grill takes a lot longer to warm up before you can cook something on it. You additionally have to allow a while to melt off the grease first. Also, it is perfect to pre-warmness your serving platter – when the food is cooked, you do not want it to chill too quickly. Serve warm, delicious grilled food on a pre-heated serving plate.

Enjoy tasty and warm grilled dishes with these 5 essential tips to grilling throughout winter!

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Adrian T. Cheng is a meals blogger and a BBQ professional. Through years of grill experience, reviewing various grilling add-ons, and trying delicious and particular recipes, he’s sharing his expertise with all of us thru his weblog. For greater grilling secrets, hints, recipes, and greater, head over to Adrian’s website, wherein he has other thrilling posts.