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Austin Public Schools hosts meeting informing mother

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) –

Students in Austin Public Schools have to get entry to all the international’s statistics at their fingertips.

From fifth grade to 12th grade, the district loans them laptops to assist them to excel in college, however for mother and father, that may be daunting.

“I had a possibility to be part of some determine conferences at IJ Holton, and there were a few conversations about being capable of having the training to research extra about applications Austin gives,” Allison Gunderson, generation integrationist at IJ Holton Intermediate School, stated. “This is our first step.”

That’s why mother and father and network contributors accumulated at Ellis Middle School, Monday.

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The School District partnered with Mower County Sgt. Investigator Steve Sandvik to show dad and mom the dangers that the net and technology may carry.

“From this kind of matters as sexting, online enticement, cyberbullying as well as protecting towards hate speech and threats of violence,” Sandvik explained.

The primary piece of advice that Sandvik gave parents is to be aware of what their children are doing online.

He usually says if they’re trying to disguise something, you could have the motive to be worried.

“You have the first line of protection, and by the time regulation enforcement gets involved, several times, terrible things have already occurred,” Sandvik stated.

Organizers wanted mothers and fathers to be aware that new technologies would usually be in the kid’s arms.

Because they’re such effective gear, the excellent thing is to stay knowledgeable of all the opportunities, appropriate and bad.

Part of the series: School Is Hell

Who Owns the Public Schools?

“Without an actual personal competitive market for training in America, all this is to be had is what the nation schooling critical planners select to provide.”

— Richard M. Ebeling, President, The Future of Freedom Foundation

The so-called “public” school system no longer belongs to the public; it’s far owned and run by the government. Therefore, the public colleges serve government desires, now not the general public’s needs. In the assessment, private schools are owned and run (and are paid for at once) by participants of the general public and are responsible to their purchasers.

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We must not make the mistake of believing that “We, the humans,” are our authorities. While politicians and officials claim to symbolize us, they may be elite elegance who pay little attention to their constituents. Further, the faculty gadget is a global of its own that has virtually no obligation to the general public it pretends to serve. Its superintendents virtually paintings for the country branch of training. Their handiest connection with the town is that local citizens are compelled to pay their salaries.

Also, we have to not expect public faculties to offer actual schooling. They are meant to provide education only – fundamental literacy and numeracy ideas, with a shallow smattering of other expertise. However, even those fundamental abilities are sorely ignored in brand new schools. They are crowded out by political mandates, social engineering, and other worries. The result is a puzzling hodgepodge of evaluations, attitudes, and values (often contrary to family and religious traditions) without cohesion, no consistency, and no real point aside from turning out docile institution-thinkers who can be dependent on the authorities.

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“Local manipulate” of public schooling certainly does no longer exist. Local school forums do now not constitute those who pick them. In my nation, CT, kingdom law says, “School boards aren’t retailers of their cities, but are creatures of the state.” In other words, the faculty boards are puppets of the nation’s schooling bureaucracy, which additionally controls the kingdom legislature on schooling problems. School board members also are participants of political parties and are conscious of their pressures. They are truly faux to control the faculties when in reality, they determine the simplest trivial details. More and greater, what we’ve got is a countrywide college device managed from remote workplaces through non-elected bureaucrats with unknown agendas. Even kingdom manipulation gives way to a virtual federal takeover via such terrible legal guidelines as No Child Left Behind and Goals 2000.

The school wars rage on because the gadget’s goals for youngsters are definitely the other of the dreams that dad and mom have for them. The authorities use its colleges that allow you to turn out hundreds of obedient controllable employees and soldiers; therefore, it gives an experience that situations our youngsters for low degree jobs and/or the military. That has to explain why the kingdom-run faculties offer a recurring that says to youngsters, “Sit down, be quiet, do not ask questions, we will let you know what to suppose and do.” To dad and mom, it says, “We do not care what you need.”

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Meanwhile, dad and mom are continuously dissatisfied by what the authorities faculties offer their children but are helpless to change them. School board conferences are charades arranged by using the personnel to save you input from dad and mom and the public. The entire show is controlled via country and neighborhood administrators and the worker unions to gain themselves, not the general public or the youngsters.

Parents should no longer expect the public faculties to provide real schooling, and yet many nonetheless do. The government faculty machine has by no means had the purpose to provide what most mothers and fathers need. Public school is a union-managed program of coercion paid for by the pressure of taxation. The employees’ qualifications are questionable, their “certifications” are bogus, “tenure” is a sham, and their union continuously seeks maximum pay for minimal paintings. It is designed to provide political and social indoctrination, with best at least capabilities and know-how, however now not education. The result is mediocrity, secrecy, and deception with the duty to nobody. Fewer and fewer humans believe that authorities are the right agency to provide “public training.”