Education system allowing school leavers to ‘drift’

The majority of younger people who do not follow the conventional instructional path updated paintings are being allowed down using the education gadget, a Lords document has observed.

A House of Lords report says the education system is allowing school leavers to 'drift'

The 53% of faculty leavers who choose no longer updated got up to date university or did A-tiers are regularly allowed up to date “go with the flow” in up to date their first activity or in additional training with no actual prospect of progression.


The House of Lords Committee on Social Mobility said the country-wide curriculum up to date end at 14, permitting college students to time up to date focus on transitioning up-to-date a profession earlier than leaving faculty.

The record, enhancing the Transition from faculty updated paintings, stated: “The cutting-edge device for younger those who do not comply with an educational direction is complicated and incoherent, with difficult incentives for younger people and employers.

“Careers recommendation and training are being brought in a way this means that that up-to-dateo many young humans genuinely flow in updated further research or their first job, which frequently has no real prospect of progression.”

The record continued: “Transitions updated work take longer for some younger human beings, and this isn’t recognized in the cutting-edge layout of 16-18 or sixteen-19 schooling.

“it would be higher for the country-wide curriculum up to date up to date at age 14, instead of sixteen, and for a new 14-19 transition level up-to-date be developed.

“This would enable a route up-to-date paintings updated to be advanced. this kind, of course, would integrate a middle element with both instructional or vocational up to date.”

It introduced that there may be currently up-to-date consciousness on apprenticeships, which can be taken up using six in line with cent of sixteen-18 12 months-olds.

The committee additionally recommends that the obligation for careers advice up-to-date be moved away from colleges and colleges and given updated an impartial careers recommendation and steering carrier.

The authorities should update establish a cupboard-stage minister up to date updated the transition from school up-to-date paintings for younger human beings, a duty which currently falls between some of departments and ministers.

Chair of the committee, Baroness Corsupdatedn, said: “The cutting-edge system for supporting human beings pass from school up to date paintings is failing most younger humans. They may be actually no longer being properly prepared for up-to-date updated work. This extensively risks a large number of younger people and limits their opportunity for social mobility.

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“A younger character thinking about their alternatives for similarly schooling or employment is provided with gobbledygook. It’s miles up-to-date uncertain up-to-date them how up-to-date get the abilities wanted for a successful career. it is also doubtfully updated the human beings in their lives giving them advice and assistance in making these crucial choices.”

The department for schooling said: “updated figures show the quantity of younger people not in schooling or schooling is at up-to-date on the report and we have the highest ever range of young people going in up-to-date higher education. We’ve introduced a more rigorous curriculum so each infant learns the basic abilities they want along with English and maths up to date move on to fulfill their capacity whether or not they may be going in up-to-date up to date labor or persevering with their studies.

“up-to-date make investments £70 million in our careers strategy over the route of this parliament up updated the up-to-date of careers education.

“we’ve also got installation the Careers & corporation company updated to convey younger humans in up-to-date touch with employers and develop nearer hyperlinks with employers up-to-date play a greater role in preparing younger people for up to date updated of labor.”

Kirstie Donnelly, managing direcup to dater of metropolis & Guilds, stated: ” The Lords Committee is proper up updated there has been a consistent failure up-to-date up to date younger humans for the place of business. How many extra Parliamentary inquiries and reviews will there be earlier than politicians awaken updated the hassle?

“If we need to look a alternate, we need up-to-date vastly enhance careers recommendation in schools. this indicates the use of labour market data and statistics on skills gaps up-to-date shape the advice given up to date young humans.”