Your Best Choices of LAMS Motorbikes in Sydney

The Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) was adopted in 2002 in New South Wales, where they barred the 250cc engine capacity for novice riders. A learner-approved motorcycle has an engine capacity between 251 to 660 cc. It has an output power ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne. The government in Australia chose a few motorcycles and approved them to be a part of the Learners and Restricted motorcycle licenses. About 40% of the Sydney population, the capital of NSW, have LAMS motorcycles, and 28% of them are fully licensed riders.

They came up with a few rules to govern the novice riders as well. The rules forbid anybody from modifying their bike to increase their power to weight ratio. In addition, there should not be any toolbox attached that makes the bike heavier or has a built-in restrictor, limiting the ability. However, riders can change small things like adding grips or stickers or replacing the suspension.

Your Best Choices of LAMS Motorbikes in Sydney 1

In this article, let us talk about some LAMS motorcycles in Sydney approved by the Australian government.

Yamaha LAMS

Yamaha-approved LAMS motorcycles have engines as large as 660cc. They are affordable and comfortable for all riders, from beginners to experts. Here are some of the popular choices from Yamaha LAMS

  1.  Yamaha YZF-R1: It is equipped with the M1-derived cowl and aerodynamic body, which gives the best performance. In addition, it comes with innovative positions for its LED headlights, brake controls, and engine brake management system. It also has a refined EU5 engine with 998cc and RS11 tires.
  2. Yamaha XSR700: This is a modern version of retro attitudes. It features a twin-engine with 655cc, which provides outstanding acceleration. It is one of the commonly used LAMS motorcycles in Sydney. They have wave disc brakes and a lightweight digital LCD dash, a modernized retro style version.
  3. Yamaha D’elight 125: They are the perfect urban runabout with the best mileage and lowest fuel consumption. It has a compact body and ultra-light construction with a 125cc air-cooled engine. It also provides a comfortable riding position along with a classic European-influenced design.

Honda LAMS

Honda LAMS are very affordable, and they come with a power-to-weight ratio of 150kW per tonne. They have an extensive range perfect for speed junkies, off-road adventures, and urban dwellers, especially in Sydney’s hill districts. Here are some choices for the riders or travelers in you.

  1. MW110: The Benly scooter works wonders in the distribution divisions. They have an engine of 180cc with economical fuel consumption and a combined braking system. Moreover, their maintenance and operational costs are less.
  2. CRF250: It is an adventure bike with an engine of 250cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder DOHC. It also has lengthy suspensions, ABS brakes, and weather protection which assists in long-distance travel.
  3. FORZA 300: It is a perfect scooter and is versatile in its function. 79cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected SOHC with a four velvet engine. The electrically adjustable screen with the LED lighting will provide a full report and perfect lighting. They also have facilities for acceleration, storage, and optimum fuel consumption.


In 2020 the Australian Motorcycle market reported 55.164 sales—up 19.4%—and the two popular brands that dominated the sales were Yamaha and Kawaski. Among the LAMS motorcycles in Sydney, Kawaski LAMS holds a significant name. It perfectly blends with the LAMS guidelines and safety requirements. Moreover, they are affordable and super stylish, which can attract any beginner.

Some of their varieties include the Ninja series, which has both looks as well as speed. The Vulcan series comes with modern features and technology, which enhances performance and safety. The other brands include BMW and Triumph LAMS that offer numerous varieties that promise both security and efficiency.