Blogger who presented intercourse without cost in video prank arrested

A 19-year-antique woman in China who jokingly posted on WeChat that she became looking for informal sex ended up being swamped with calls and traffic to her resort room, China Press.

Nicknamed “Qian Jin Yi Yi,” she checked into a resort in Sanya metropolis and uploaded a video of herself clad in lingerie posing suggestively.
In the post, she wrote: “Who is coming to search for me, for sex, totally free, 6316” (her motel room wide variety).

Her publish speedy shared across one-of-a-kind social media as visi­tors thronged the inn and heaps extra attempted to name her.

Police needed to be referred to after the resort’s operations have been laid low with the influx of traffic and calls.

The teen, taken aback with the aid of the res­ponse, begged netizens to forestall sharing her publish because she changed into best joking and shifting in a panic to another resort after deleting her put up.

Police stated she triggered a stir with the submit and became detained for investigation.

Blogger who presented intercourse without cost in video prank arrested

The teen, a blogger identified as Ms. Ye, admitted to the police that she had deliberately published the message online to draw followers, Mail Online reported.

According to reports, she was given fifteen-day detention and a 500 yuan ($104) satisfactory.

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