Blogger Jane Aldridge’s Vintage-Inspired Wedding

On December 12, 2016, Jeff Lashley and Jane Aldridge were en route to their anniversary dinner whilst Jeff gave Jane something even bigger to have fun: an engagement! “Jeff proposed with a ring by Rosa Maria, a jewelry designer who created a number of my favorite pieces in my mother’s jewelry box,” says Jane. And if you’re already keen on Jane’s style weblog, Sea of Shoes, you already know that she loves antique shopping. So lots, in fact, that finding her engagement ring on a consignment internet site changed into a no-brainer for the couple.
And while it got here time for their wedding, Jeff and Jane approached it with a similar real-to-them mindset, in the long run, website hosting a cocktail party in a comfortable, homey placing. And what could be greater secure than Jane’s mom’s backyard in Texas? “We wanted our wedding to be as intimate and comfy as viable,” says Jane. “My mom is an indoors clothier, and I knew she’d be up for the mission of reworking the gap to host our wedding.” So on October 21, 2017, the couple welcomed 50 friends to Texas for a backyard birthday celebration that mixed accrued gadgets, lush flowers, and a few surprises.
Keep studying to take a peek into this stylish bride’s big day, photographed through Redman Pictures!

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True to herself, Jane skipped the bridal salon in a desire of purchasing her wedding gown on Etsy. “I saved this Nineteen Fifties dress early on and confirmed it to my mom and sister even as we had been having dinner to have fun our engagement,” she says. “They insisted I order it right away!”
The silk-organza off-the-shoulder gown had a lace bodice and a dramatic bustle. “The bustle gave it the proper amount of drama and isn’t something you notice on current wedding ceremony clothes,” says the bride. She delivered silver Oscar de la Renta pumps and vintage earrings to finish her appearance.

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The more, the merrier! So this February 14, have Valentine’s Day party with all you hold close and multiply the celebrations! A Valentine’s Day birthday celebration isn’t like every other ordinary event; it is a party wherein love policies as a topic. So place all your revolutionary and romantic thoughts to top use this Valentine’s Day and have a dream of a celebration! And if you want any help with the Valentine’s Day birthday celebration ideas, study on. Given underneath are some wacky celebration thoughts for the large day–Valentine’s Day:


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The invites want to be sent out a minimum of one week in advance. This will come up with a fair idea of the number of people coming to the Valentine’s Day celebration and, consequently, help you make the perfect birthday party arrangements. And it is constantly an amazing concept to make your invites appealing. Heart-fashioned invitation cards are constantly a triumphing concept, or you could additionally send out invitations in the shapes of cupids, lock-n-key, or roses.

Have a Theme Party

For your Valentine’s Day birthday party, decide on a subject matter and feature the decorations, gifts, video games, and costumes based on it. For instance, if you have a jungle subject celebration, the visitors can come as Tarzan and Jane or get dressed up in animal fats. Or they can don fur coats, faux horns, and so on. You can beautify your house with some outside flora or could have an out of doors birthday celebration itself on your outside. You can move for any subject matter you fancy–it can be an Adam-n-Eve subject matter, or say a classical subject matter! Just let out all of your funky ideas for this day.


Games are an important element of any party, and on your Valentine’s Day birthday party, have lots of games to add to the celebrations. Chin Balance, Things I Love, Candy Treasure, and Candy Quest are a few all-time favored Valentine’s Day video games. So have these at your Valentine’s Day birthday party and permit the fun to go with the flow!