Computer Conversion Clips: Learn Why Clip-On Computer Reading Glasses Are Not All Made Equal

Comparing the new Computer Conversion Clips to several other clip-on computer reading glasses offered on internet discount sites has resulted in significant optical and structural differences among the clips. These differences can dramatically affect the computer user both negatively and positively. You can learn to get more value for your dollar with the following information. The clip-on computer reading glasses were compared by design advantages such as size, shape, weight, and optical lens quality to allow for the best computer user experience. It was an easy comparison to make with the computer conversion clips design advantages providing the best choice to reduce eye fatigue, eye strain, and increased physical comfort from neck and shoulder pain. What are clip-on computer reading glasses? The Info Blog

Computer Conversion Clips: Learn Why Clip-On Computer Reading Glasses Are Not All Made Equal 1

A clip-on computer reading glass provides additional magnification to be attached over the upper portion of the wearer’s eyeglasses, converting the distance prescription of general wear bifocals or progressive lenses to mid-range computer-distance; this will allow the wearer to see a computer monitor clearly in the intermediate ranges between 18 to 30 inches more comfortably. The wearer will then view intermediate distances, such as the computer screen, while maintaining a normal head position. This would eliminate having to elevate the chin while moving closer to the computer screen to see what is on the monitor more clearly while lifting the chin to see through the bifocal portion of their glasses. Ideally, the clip-on should only cover the top part of the eyeglasses to allow the wearer to continue to use the lower reading portion of their eyeglasses to see near.

Eye Care Professionals, and even Chiropractors, are the chief means of providing these newly designed Computer Conversion Clips to the public. You won’t find the new clip-on’s at the local internet discount sites. The many design advantages of CCC’s makes the small cost difference a bargain. Eye care professionals and chiropractors alike understand and trust the digital design advantages of the CCC’s for their bifocal age patients who show signs of eyestrain or neck problems while working at the computer with general wear glasses for 2 or more hours a day. Computer users buy clip-on computer reading glasses because of convenience and cost savings.

The general cost of a dedicated pair of computer glasses will range from $175 – $350. The cost and quality of the eyeglass frames and lens types used for a intermediate computer focus and near vision accounts for the wide range in costs. Buying a computer reading type clip-on at your local internet site to clip to your general wear glasses for about $20 sounds like a great deal… until you learn about the design differences with the new Computer Conversion Clips. It is good to remember that most of the neural input that comes into our body is from our eyes, so vision is one sense that you should value. Here are some of the valued differences in Computer Conversion Clips versus the other clip-on computer reading glasses you can find on discount internet sites.

Quality Lens Materials: All the usual brands of clip-on’s sold on the internet are polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is lightweight and strong but also scratches easier than most other plastics. Polycarbonate material also tends to yellow with age and UV exposure. About 10% of the eyewear population discovered seeing through polycarbonate material more difficult than seeing through other lens materials.

CCC’s are made of an acrylic material that is more scratch-resistant than polycarbonate, and acrylic transmits more light through the lens medium than polycarbonate to the back of the eye. Motor cycle shields are made from this material as well as windows on submarines. Digital design optics with acrylic material gives you high visual performance across the entire area of the lenses.

Anti-fatigue Designed Optics: All the usual brands of clip-on’s sold on the internet have a very wide spacing for the optical centers of the clip-on lens. This makes it harder for the eye muscles to maintain a comfortable focus on the computer screen for long periods of time. The eyes are forced to compensate for the wide optical centering by turning in, commonly called converging, a greater amount than usual to maintain stereopsis and reduce any possible double vision.

CCC’s are designed by eye professionals to eliminate the extra work on your eye muscles that have to turn in or converge in more than normal when viewing a computer monitor. This attention to preferred optical centering, so the eye muscles don’t overwork, helps to minimize any unwanted eyestrain and eye muscle fatigue.

Non-glare Anti-reflection Coating: All the usual brands of clip-on’s sold on the internet usually don’t apply a multi-layered coating process to eliminate glare and reflections on the lenses. This is a more costly process and would be reflected in the cost to the consumer.

CCC’s come with a non-glare anti-reflection coating to reduce headaches from excessive glare and reflection. The anti-reflection coating improves vision with the resulting increase of light transmission traveling through the lens to the back of the eye. All of us that are bifocal age need more light, and this non-glare anti-reflection coating will increase light to the back of the eye by another 8 to 10%!

Important Size, Shape, and Weight Considerations: All the usual brands of clip-on’s sold on the internet are larger in size and weight. A possible reason for this is that these clips were designed when eyeglass sizes were larger some twenty years ago. The smallest size I found was 58 mm X 30 mm, and even this smaller clip-on was still too large for today’s eyewear and weighed 40% more than the CCC. Unless you are comfortable with millimeter measurements, you are unsure what the size really is when purchasing on the internet. Heavier clips have a dramatic effect on the center of gravity of eyeglasses, and consequently, help pull the frame down on your face with the extra weight. The larger sizes make it difficult for you to use the reading portion of your general wear glasses at a normal reading focus. The extra magnification over the bottom reading area means you will now need to hold reading material closer than usual. The clamping arms that secure the clip to the user’s lenses had a minimal rubber coating dipped onto the clamp tips to protect the eyeglass lenses from scratching when taking the device on and off.

CCC’s were designed to be made to cover only the upper distant portion of your general wear eyeglasses and are as much as 48% lighter in weight than general wear clips. The lens measurements are 51 mm X 26 mm. This size works well even on lightweight rimless eyeglasses. The reduced weight of the computer conversion clips helps to keep your current eyeglasses up in a place with less trouble. The shape and size design feature turns your general wear glasses, with the CCC’s attached, into a task-specific computer and reading eyeglass for greater utility both on the computer or working in a cubicle. You can always flip up the computer conversion clip to see clearly at distances over 20 feet. The clip-on clamps that secure the device to the user’s glasses have soft gripping boots on the tips of the clamps to prevent the device from accidentally scratching the eyeglass lenses when attaching or taking off the clip-on.

Bonus Benefits of CCC’s: Depending on the individual’s age, Computer Conversion Clips come in two easy-to-understand dynamic powers from which to choose. A custom-made crush-proof case to protect the clip-on and micro-fiber cloth for cleaning is included. ECP’s can give you additional advice, or you can use the below resource box to find answers to any additional questions; along with access to other facts and questions, the CCC’s comes with a money-back guarantee.

Computer conversion clips have important design benefits that include lens material, digitally designed optics for better vision and anti-fatigue comfort, special anti-reflection coating for increased light transmission, and size, shape, and weight advantages. See all you can see with improved ergonomics, dynamic power choices based on science, a hard case for protection, and a solid guarantee. Don’t be fooled by price alone; not all clip-on computer glasses are equal. The right clip-on can make your work easier, so be informed and work at the computer smarter.