Cougar 300M Gaming Mouse

The Cougar 300M ($39.99) is an entry-stage gaming mouse with a strong sensor, onboard reminiscence, and numerous customization alternatives in Cougar’s UIX software. It’s not as clean to grip and would not have as many customizations as a  gaming mouse like the Editors’ choice Razer Mamba (which, in contrast, expenses $149.99), but playing with the Cougar 300M is a sturdy gaming revel in (as long as your hand doesn’t get bored with the easy finish). It fees significantly less than the Mamba, making it well worth considering in case you’re looking to get into laptop gaming.

Cougar 300M Optical Gaming Mouse Inline

Design and features

The 300M curves to the natural form among the best your hand, with a wide again that narrows closer to the front. It weighs three. Three oz. measures 1.5 by way of 2.7 by 4.9 inches (HWD) with the width tapering to the form among the best of your hand. The top probably the greatest shell is black, and you could select either orange or yellow accents—it is not an interchangeable shell. The mouse has general proper-and left-click-on buttons, with a clickable scroll wheel in among, and it’s meant for proper-past use (sorry, lefties). Immediately beneath the scroll wheel is a button that lets you switch among two dots-consistent with inch (dpi) settings (and can act as a sniper button). Two small LED lighting implies which dpi mode you’re in. unlike at the Cougar 550M, you handiest ought to push the dpi-switching button down, now not backward, so it shouldn’t jerk the mouse cursor. At the left aspect among the finest, the mouse is two customizable buttons, and on the bottom are the sensor and a button for switching among 3 unique set modes that you may customize. It’s miles a stressed mouse, without a wireless choice, unlike the Editors’ preference Razer Mamba, which has each wired and wireless capability.

The shell among the finest, the 300M has a clean, matte end. This feels correct in your hand. However, it is a bit slippery, particularly where you location your thumb, which can get uncomfortable if you use the mouse for a long time period. Like the Razer DeathAdder Chroma $59.93 at Amazon or the Cougar 550M, many gaming mice have a rubber strip on which you could rest your thumb so it might not slip, probably the greatest.

The 300M comes with Cougar’s UIX software, which lets you customize multiple gaming the most effectively. In every among the bestie, you may set two unique dpi sensitivities (from 400dpi to 4,000dpi), scroll pace, double-click on speed, and polling rate (from 125Hz to 1,000Hz), as well as assign functions for the 2 customizable buttons at the left side among the best the mouse. The UIX software is complete, but the layout can be puzzling. You have got a couple of modes and alternatives to pick out from, and they’re all boxed into distinctive home windows, so it takes a few being used to whilst putting in your mouse’s probably the greatest file. Preferably, you most effectively ought to try this as soon as, but if you like distinctive settings for one-of-a-kind games, you may use it often. It’s lots less intuitive than Razer’s Synapse software, which has clean menus, tutorials, or even images among the best a given Razer mouse with factors for each top-of-the-line mouse’s capabilities. Just like the Razer DeathAdder Chroma, the 300M has onboard reminiscence, so it’s going to take into account your custom macros and dpi settings and take them from system to machine with you without having to re-deploy the Cougar UIX software program.

Another feature that the 300M has in common with the Razer Mamba is customizable lights. The LED light—the indicator on the scroll wheel for which dpi setting you are in—can change colorings from 16 to 8 million alternatives within the UIX software program. The colors can both stay static or fade inside and outside with a respiration effect. Not like the DeathAdder Chroma’s logo; however, the Cougar emblem might not exchange shade.

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Performance and rate

The mouse performed admirably in checking out. I played Witcher 3 for $39.99 at Amazon with the 300M for numerous days, and I experienced no lag or postponement, although, as stated above, I discovered it difficult to get a perfect grip at the thumb relaxation for an extended time period. The scroll wheel can be a bit sticky, like at the Cougar 550M—it would on occasion scroll beyond in which I needed to move on, say, a website. However, the trouble is not reported on the Cougar 550M, so the scroll wheel failed to detract from the general gaming revel. The dpi-switching button is labored seamlessly, and clicking down to switch dpi modes becomes smooth, in place of the dpi-switching button on the Cougar 550M, which you have to press backward, a motion to jerk the cursor. Its lag-loose overall performance, at the least on flat surfaces, is consistent with lots of extra pricey mice out there, like the Razer Mamba and the Corsair M65 Laser Gaming Mouse; those mice, however, are less complicated to grip, which make them higher for long gaming periods.

At $39.99, the 300M is a relative bargain for a mouse with a lot of customization. In assessment, the Corsair M65, any other pinnacle choose, retails for $ seventy-four. 99—nearly two times as a good deal because the 300M—and the Razer Mamba retails for almost four times as a great deal, at $149.99. Still, it has each stressed out and wi-fi capability and a plethora of the most effective different features. The Logitech G302 Daedalus top$37.10 at Amazon is the handiest $10 more than the 300M. However, it does not have as many customizable buttons; 4 probably the greatest it’s six, in preference to all seven buttons at the 300M.