Software to make it easier to donate extra meals

A new software program prototype known as eFeed-Hungers makes it less complicated to donate extra food, which might in any other case go to waste.

Sugam Sharma recalls as a child taking note of his parent’s communication approximately starvation. While his family always had sufficient to consume, starvation turned into familiar and something he often witnessed developing up and as a young person in India.
“It is genuinely heart wrenching to witness a mother in shabby and torn clothes, protecting her child, come to you and ask for the assist because her toddler hasn’t had whatever to devour,” says Sharma, a laptop science professional and systems analyst in Iowa State University’s Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology. “This I actually have witnessed regularly in my life.”

Software to make it easier to donate extra meals

When he moved to the USA in 2006 to hold his schooling, Sharma says he fast recognized starvation turned into no longer only trouble in India. What he determined maximum troubling became the quantity of food going to waste—in both countries—while many humans pass without. After analyzing essential schools sending food programs domestically with students, Sharma determined to hunger the number one attention of his studies.

An application that distributes leftover meals from catered events to the homeless in India stimulated the imagination and prescient for the net, interactive community, Sharma says. Restaurants, grocery shops, and people can use the mobile-friendly software program to submit food they ought to donate. Likewise, the ones in need can discover nearby places wherein meals are to be had for pickup.

The researchers designed the software program so donors take the food to a public location, which includes a food pantry or church serving loose meals for pickup and distribution. It allows for one-time and habitual donations, so businesses or individuals do no longer should enter their statistics repeatedly. Sharma says the interactive map makes it easy to go looking. Each place appears with a flag to signify the form of meals and hours it is to be had.

“We wanted to make it as easy as feasible, so people will not hesitate to donate,” Sharma says. “There is not any scarcity of meals. We see this as a manner to take some of the food we’re wasting and save it with the aid of offering a channel to get more food to the needy.”

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Researchers keep checking the prototype and plan to launch the Ames, Iowa, community website in late summer or early fall. Sharma says they’re operating on funding to offer training and outreach for restaurants, meals pantries, churches, and citizens interested in collaborating. In addition, they aim to feature regularly other cities and regions that can enjoy the tool.

“Almost anyone has a cellular cellphone, and the era has the capability for a far wider outreach,” he says. “I don’t realize how successful we can be; however, we’re making an honest attempt to tackle this problem. If we can help offer meals for even one percentage, we’ll be satisfied.”

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