Is Your Mac Slow? You Need a Mac Cleanup

The Mac may be a lot better than a PC, but just like anything else in this world, it is still far from perfect. It would be best if you therefore understood that sooner or later, your Mac WILL begin to slow down until it finally runs itself into the ground. The good news is that there are several ways for you to get your Mac up and running again, and perhaps the best option is to perform a thorough Mac cleanup. You can clean your Mac by following these steps:Give Sun Light.

Is Your Mac Slow? You Need a Mac Cleanup 1

1. Streamline Your Startup Applications

Have you noticed that a lot of applications automatically start running as soon as you start your Mac? These are known as startup applications, and they usually take up too much space, thus slowing down your Mac. That is why limiting the number of applications in the startup list is essential for a thorough Mac cleanup. You can streamline your startup applications by going to System Preferences, clicking on the Accounts button, and then the Login Items tab.

When you see the list of all applications that automatically run at startup, you’ll have to decide which ones you really need and then remove the rest of the applications from the list. Having fewer startup items will greatly help in speeding up your Mac.

2. Remove Memory Hogs

Activity Monitor is your Mac’s personal security guard. It watches over every single process that runs in your Mac. The good news is that it also allows you to identify which applications and processes take too much of your Mac’s RAM. You may then remove these programs, especially if you dont usually use them anyway. Getting rid of unwanted programs can be just as important as streamlining startup applications when you’re performing a Mac cleanup.

3. Cleanup Your Folders

Folders can contain old files or applications that are no longer in use, meaning they can be safely removed to free up some space. Perhaps the most important folders for you to clean are your applications folder and personal files. A good rule of thumb is to trash anything that hasn’t been used for at least a couple of months, as well as applications and files that you’re sure you won’t need anymore shortly. Please take note that trashing applications may not be enough to permanently remove them, so be sure to uninstall them properly.

The App That Does It All Automatically…

Now, what if you don’t want to go through all of these steps individually? Is there a Mac cleanup option that allows you to take care of all these things simultaneously? Well, cheer up! The solution that you’re looking for might be the MacKeeper. After all, this downloadable application isn’t called the “911 for your Mac” for nothing. Its cleanup feature lets you eliminate six different types of unnecessary computer files: binaries, caches, language packs, duplicates, old files, and log files. Furthermore, its optimization feature allows you to update all out-of-date programs in just one click. With the MacKeeper, Mac cleanup has never been easier!

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