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With EHIC, do we really need tour insurance for european trips?

Lauren Roach

Thousands of holidaymakers touring in Europe may want to avoid paying an “extra” in the event that they want medical remedy, as long as they have got a legitimate ecu medical health insurance Card (EHIC), new studies has discovered.

A growing quantity of insurers are actually inclined to scrap extra costs – the primary part of the claim which you have to meet your self – for clients who want to make claims on their tour insurance, as long as that they had used an EHIC whilst getting treatment on excursion.

Of 734 insurers providing unmarried-ride policies, 671 stated they were inclined to lessen excess costs to zero in the event of a claim, according to investigate by way of, the fee evaluation website.

And an increasing number of insurers are also refusing to pay out for treatment in any respect if guests fall ill in a rustic included via the scheme – but fail to apply the vital card whilst seeking treatment.

The EHIC card can be used to get free or discounted clinical treatment in any eu Union is of a, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The unfastened card entitles visitors to the equal stage of clinical treatment as a citizen gets in that u. s .

But, this doesn’t suggest that treatment is constantly free and does not cover for extra charges, which includes shipping to the hospital or repatriation again to Britain within the occasion of an emergency.

And it gained’t be of any use for non-medical disasters, consisting of lost or stolen baggage.

“Even as the EHIC is an important in case you’re traveling in Europe, it is truely not a substitute for journey coverage,” said Alex Edwards, journey coverage spokesperson at

He adds: “The EHIC entitles you to kingdom-provided medical treatment, but this does not necessarily imply you may acquire unfastened care even as away, as a few nations will count on you to make a contribution to at least part of the value of treatment.

“Likewise, in case you are taken to a non-public health facility which might be typically located around holiday lodges, your EHIC might not cover any of your scientific bills.”

Playing cards are valid for 5 years. Each yr, tens of millions of cards expire – more than 5 million within the beyond 12 months, according to reviews. You could follow or renew playing cards online through the EHIC internet site (

What occurs in the occasion of Brexit?

In the event of a Brexit vote inside the referendum later this month, may want to touring Britons lose the advantage of EHIC?

The card isn’t an eu Union initiative. It applies instead to a much broader group of nations inside the eu monetary location (EEA), which includes a few non-european countries consisting of Switzerland and Norway.

So the destiny validity of the scheme for Britons might rely upon our club of the EEA.

“Unluckily, there’s no manner to be really certain,” said Mr Edwards. “It may be that united kingdom residents could now not be able to use the EHIC for emergency hospital therapy whilst journeying to different countries in the eu financial location.

“However, it’s also feasible that an agreement might be reached to hold the cardboard in impact with other ecu nations or create a comparable, opportunity scheme,” he said.

The United Kingdom presently has reciprocal fitness care agreements with several countries outside the EHIC scheme, inclusive of Russia and Australia.

Anyhow, leaving the european Union, if this had been to manifest, is predicted to take time and if the United Kingdom did cease to be a part of the EHIC, guests might have lots of caution.

Unmarried as opposed to annual coverage

Travelers making more than journeys in a 12-month duration may benefit from annual cover.

Unmarried-experience guidelines with the endorsed degree of cover begin at just underneath £7, while annual cover starts at £19 for ecu journeys.

Bob Atkinson, from, a contrast internet site, stated: “if you’re a frequent vacationer, an annual policy is possibly to be better value for you.

“If you and the circle of relatives go away greater than two times a yr, greater financial savings may be made through getting rid of an annual coverage – simply make sure to test that it includes cover for all the international locations you plan to go to.”

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Somewhere else tour coverage will value extra. The beginning charge for worldwide cowl, for one person elderly 30, without a pre-present medical conditions, starts offevolved at £19 for an unmarried journey and £26 for an annual coverage.

Expenses can often run into thousands of pounds once doctors’ expenses, accommodation and tour arrangements had been reorganised, even for minor ailments. Even inside EHIC areas, this indicates maximum guests are counseled to buy cowl.

The ‘secure’ minimal evaluation web sites are a terrific region to start hunting for canopy.

Specialists recommend a minimal £2m for clinical costs, £1m non-public legal responsibility, £three,000 cancellation (or enough to cover the entire price of the trip), £1,500 baggage, £250 coins and a coverage extra that is beneath £a hundred.

Mr Atkinson stated: “every vacationer need to take out insurance from the instant they ebook their trip. “Expenses start from as low as just over a fiver for a quick ride to Paris, so that it will rarely cost a fortune for some peace of mind.”