One yr in the past, at this time, the Missouri State men’s swimming and diving were misplaced by way of one point within the Mid-American Conference Championships. The Bears returned, searching for revenge in the 2018 MAC Championships, and dominated the relaxation of the convention to earn the twentieth conference title in software records.

Missouri State finished with 857.5 points while Eastern Michigan placed 2d with 807 and Miami, Ohio, positioned up 740.

To say the least, the revenge the Bears sought got here to fruition over the weekend.

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“Proud and love are the best phrases that I can come up with to describe this crew and all they have accomplished,” head teach Dave Collins stated in a press launch. “I experience so exceedingly blessed to have had the opportunity to observe them accomplish the No. 1 aim they set for this season.”

Senior Christopher Heye became named 2018 MAC Outstanding Senior, and junior Artur Osvath was tabbed because of the 2018 MAC Co-Outstanding Swimmer of the Year. Additionally, for the second one immediately, Collins changed into presented the MAC Coach of the Year.

Blair Bish, Kacper Cwiek, Heye, Minki Kang, Osvath, Lucas Paloschi, Antonio Thomas, and Phillip Willett were named to the 2018 All-MAC First Team.

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